NINTENDO 64 mario kart quiz

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Play this quiz if you know a lot about Mario Kart 64. This quiz will test your knowledge of the characters, the Nintendo 64 game case, and the game itself.

Do you know a lot about Mario Kart? I love anything Mario, so take this quiz and have fun! And when you have finished, perhaps you will feel inspired to play the game.

Created by: Ben
  1. Name all the Mario Kart 64 characters?
  2. How many people can play Mario Kart 64?
  3. What are all the races in Mario Kart 64 'Mushroom Cup'?
  4. Which button uses the brakes?
  5. On Mario Kart 64 can you choose your cart?
  6. Can 3 people play Mario grand gp?
  7. Can 2 players play time trials?
  8. How many characters are there?
  9. What color is Donkey Kong's cart?
  10. What is on the front of the Mario Kart 64 game cartridge?

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