How well do you know Mario Kart?

You know, Mario Kart is very popular, but it can be a good subject for quizzes. Only so much people know-it-all. Find out if YOU are one. Because it's very hard to find true geniuses, you know!

But do YOU think you are one of the smartest Mario Kart racer? This quiz will help you find out! If you win, good job! If you lose, better luck next time! But whatever you get, make sure you get behind the wheel!

Created by: dewrwftdr
  1. How many times has Donkey Kong appeared in a Mario Kart game?
  2. How many Mario Circuits are in Mario Kart Wii?
  3. Which console does Mario Kart: Double Double Dash!! use?
  4. Who is playable in Mario Kart DS?
  5. Who has a speed bonus in Mario Kart Wii?
  6. Does Mario Kart DS have how many characters?
  7. Is Luigi a starter in all games?
  8. Who's Bowser?
  9. In the GCN version, how many laps for Baby Park?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Mario Kart?