Are you a New Super Mario Bros fan?

People think they have played New Super Mario Bros but they don't know if they are a really true New Super Mario Bros Fan! So the reason why I put this Quiz up because: 1. there were no New Super Mario Bros Quizes 2. I wanted to make this Quiz alright

Here are a few tips: some questions are really Easy some are Hard so choose really carefully And the last tip: When you come with a Personal Question please be honest

Created by: Timothy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you got a DS
  2. How many Worlds?
  3. Which one could you makes the most coins?
  4. What sort is the first Mushroom House in World 2?
  5. Name the item that can't be in the Item house
  6. World 3 is a . . .
  7. Boom (Water Jump Sound) Wheres That?
  8. Is 18641370 a Possible Score?
  9. How Many Whomps in 3-C?
  10. How many BIG WHOMPS?
  11. Out of Topic Random Question: Fave Number out of these
  12. Big Mama Cheep Cheep . . .
  13. Last Question: Luigi is . . .

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Quiz topic: Am I a New Super Mario Bros fan?