super mario 64 fanatic quiz

If you got 85% or above i will conclude YOU as a TRUE Super Mario 64 FANATIC!! CONGRATULATIONS for completing this quiz and hope you do well on Super Mario 64 fanatic quiz #2. I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!!

Are YOU a super Mario 64 fanatic? Do you have enough brainpower to complete this quiz and get 100%? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this GREAT quiz, in just a few minutes you WILL find out.

Created by: jerico219912
  1. bob-omb Battlefield star 1: how many bombs are in the stage INCLUDING the big bomb?
  2. Whomp's Fortress star 1: why cant you use the owl in the tree at the beginning of the stage?
  3. Jolly Roger Bay star 1: How do you get the eel out of the ship?
  4. Cool,Cool Mountain star 1: this one is an easy one: what helps you figure out where the short-cut is?
  5. Big Boo's Haunt star 1: what monster is with 1 of the 5 boo's?
  6. Hazy Maze Cave star 1: How do you get ontop of Nessie's head?
  7. Lethal Lava land star 1: how do you kill the bully?
  8. Shifting Sand land star 1: what does that bird take that is yours?
  9. Dire Dire Docks star 1: what happens to the submarine when you compolete star 1?
  10. Snowman's land star 1: how do u get across the giant snowman?
  11. Wet Dry world star 1: what water level do u need the water to be to get this star?
  12. Tall,Tall Mountain star 1: where is an easy short-cut?
  13. Tiny,Huge Island star 1: which portrait should you use to get this star?
  14. Tick Tick Clock star 1: how do u stop time?
  15. Rainbow Ride star 1: what would an easy short cut at the beginning?

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