Think You Know Super Smash Bros.?! !

"Super Smash Bros. is the best fighting game ever but some people think they know all about the game. Do you think you know all about the gaming franchise of Super Smash Bros.?

"Do you think you can outwit anyone around you about Super Smash Bros.? Are you smarter than a person named Chris or Vinnie? But if you take this quiz you can find out if you are a Super Smash Bros. Know It All!!!

Created by: Jake
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  1. How many characters could you play as in the original Super Smash Bros. for the N64?
  2. Who is the final (secret) boss you fight at the end of adventure mode in SSBM?
  3. What 3rd Party character has been anounnced to be in Brawl?
  4. What item was taken out of Melee that was originally in Super Smash Bros.?
  5. What characters do you unlock from doing certain Event Matches?
  6. Which of these controllers can you play Super Smash Bros. Brawl?
  7. Was Solid Snake suppost to be originally in Melee?!
  8. What new item can stick to enemys if you throw it to them?
  9. In Melee, does Link have a Black costume outfit?
  10. If you use a Action Replay (or Gameshark) in Melee, what characters can you play as?

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