What Smash Bros. Melee PlayStyle Are You

There are many Smash bros players out there with lots of different play styles. Some may take their game to the next level and some just have fun with it. Find out where you lie!

What is YOUR play style. Find out your Super Smash bros Melee play stysle here. In just a few questions you will be able to find out your personal play style and mabey adjust it.

Created by: David
  1. When choosing a character you look for the highest tier?
  2. Which battle mode do you prefer?
  3. When smashing it up with your friends, the items are turned:
  4. What is your ideal stage?
  5. When in battle you target enemies with high percentages?
  6. Your ideal position during batte is:
  7. When a large amount of items drop, you pick up the:
  8. Which attribute would you prefer?
  9. Which weapon would you prefer?
  10. Your most lethal opponent would be:
  11. If your opponent has a hammer, you:
  12. Why do you play Smash?
  13. When the match is over, you:
  14. The character(s) you would absolutely hate to use are:
  15. The game of smash is all about:

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