The Nintendo Quiz 2

Hell of Nintendo hath finally returned for a sequel! YAY! This quiz is bigger and better than its cheap 1st one. The questions are harder and more complex, and there are more than twice the amount of questions than the 1st one had!

Do YOU have what it takes to know lots about Nintendo? If you're a hard-core fan, awesome. You got an extra boost in this quiz! If you know nothing about Nintendo, expect a 0%

Created by: PJ of this site
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  1. Welcome to the 2nd Quiz. Which is the best game co. by far?
  2. The biggest game console controller sccording to its area? (use a calculator, genius)
  3. This describes Sony...."Sony....
  4. Which character from Sony and/or Microsoft will appear in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl?
  5. adfjl; fdsaidjot wncoijw hsduf al dfuli fhu kdusafyiu wiue rysud flkuay uifuq wfu lad!!!???
  6. Portable systems. Which is true?
  7. Which was the 1st game for wii?
  8. Money Hogs!!!!!
  9. IDEA STEALERS!!! (2 possible choices)
  10. Which was the last game for GameCube?
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! let's change the subject. What was the last game for the PS2???
  12. Another changed subject. How many versions of the Xbox360 are out today?
  13. Which game company wanted to team up with Nintendo and make a console with the company?
  14. If so....what did the co. want 2 name the console?
  15. Survey.....haha do you think that the world of gaming would've been better if Nintendo accepted Sony's offer?
  16. SPEED ROUND!!!! Game released on February 12 (i think..) ready? GO!!
  17. When did Nintendo first become popular?
  18. A new channel came out for Wii. what is the name?
  19. Is this considered a sequel?
  20. If by chance you are a Sony or Microsoft fan, i hope this does not offend you. Does it?
  21. Is the Wii jacket offer free?
  22. Is Nintendo World HQ located in Japan or America?
  23. Does Super Mario Galaxy play real music?
  24. It is the end of NOV. as im typing. What rite now is the newest Wii accessory?
  25. How many Mario games have been estimation?
  26. What about Metroid games....exact total?
  27. How many years has Mario been known for?
  28. Congrats! its over. You feel really exhausted........but just ONE more!! Can you handle it?
  29. Take a second...look back at your answers. Let's take this slooowww...which popular Nintendo series did I NOT talk about?

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