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  • Your Result: (name)kinz

    you are the cutest person your friends and others ever saw! One day you will so many girls/boys run after you. Good luck! Also your girlfriend's name will be Ashley or Jessica/ your boyfriend's name be Dan or Chis!

    Allissakin z? OH HELL NAW! xD

    I rated your quiz 10 stars because it is accurate. My boyfriend's name is Dan. ;)

  • Mrs. Nerd a lot? Seriously? The grammar was also really bad, I could barely understand some of the questions. Also, the nicknames? Those were really bad. I'm sorry, but I did not like it.

  • Sorry, but I have to be honest, and this quiz was terrible. Like Flyer2473 said. the grammar was really bad and I'm glad they allow comments, but yea this was terrible. Sorry again :/

  • guys often call me that already :)

    nalgona caliente
  • I am a nerd, it is true.....but I don't think I will ever have a bf....and I will never be pretty. These are myths.

  • sorry but there were a lot of typo's!


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