Nickname Generator

What is your nickname? And what is your bf/gf name should be! Good luck! Remember get what and don't get upset! Ok? Ok. So please please please take this test!

I love this and you might to so answer every question trueful and please please please please tell your friends and family about this and once again GOOD LUCK!!!

Created by: Arianna Hyler of [no emails]
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  1. How do people stare at you?
  2. Do try to go next to alot?
  3. do you every single question right?
  4. How do your parents react when you come home?
  5. What would you say if you were hot?
  6. how many gf/bf did you have
  7. Fave trip
  8. fave hobby
  9. your type
  10. what do you you will have?

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