what is your story?

I'm a girl Scar is short for my nickname Scarlet i made up for myself. Anyways this quiz is for girls and guys. Which is your story there are three but i won't tell you have to do the quiz to find out!

So take this quiz my nickname is Scar take my other quizzes i make if you dare..my name is always SCAR not scarlet my quizzes say scar on them..ok? Hope you enjoy? ok get your results!!:)

Created by: Scar
  1. Where would you do with friends on a Friday night?
  2. Where is an ideal date for you?
  3. there is a ghost after your soul what do you do?
  4. if you see your crush coming your way what do you do?
  5. what's your fav color?
  6. your hair color?
  7. BOO!
  8. hi!
  9. choose one!
  10. what's your fav movie?
  11. if you could be any of these, what would you be?
  12. Ready for your results

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Quiz topic: What is my story?