Dreamy, Bubbly, Weird, Crazy, Random or a Freak?

Hey, it's me (Bubbles) again. I did the 'what is your nickname' quiz, which you can find here: Go To Quiz ((no spaces)) . ((no space)) com/ ((no spaces!!!)) what is your nickname ((except with _s instead of spaces)) and add _29 at the end. Except you need to add http: then // then www. at the front.

This quiz shows you how fully of bubbly personality you are, as well as what personality trait you are. No offense meant, just have fun and go with your heart!

Created by: Bubbles

  1. Lady Marmalade is...
  2. Oopsies!
  3. BTW, I am random. If you answerred 'why am I taking this' to the last question, because you clicked it!!!
  4. Your country's Icon
  5. Dream on!
  6. Vi
  7. Pick a letter
  8. OMG These are meant to be questions!
  9. If I sho?uld stay, I would only be in your way.
  10. Enter your question, then enter possible answers. Leave blank any lines for answers that you are not using, i.e. if you only want four answers then fill in the first four answer lines and leave the last two blank. You can have a maximum of six answers per question.

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