NFL Test - Will You Pass?

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This is an NFL quiz. It can be very hard for some. But if you do it with out looking anything up that's great effort. Thanks for taking this quiz. I hope you love it.

This quiz/test is a very hard NFL test. It can be very hard but if you try then you will succeed. I hope you love this amazing quiz/test. Thanks for taking it.

Created by: Caden
  1. Which of the players has a trophy named after them?
  2. Which WR has the most receptions?
  3. Who won the Super Bowl in 1976?
  4. Which of these teams is in the AFC East?
  5. Which of these players is a WR?
  6. Which WR was Russel Wilson throwing it to in Super Bowl 49 when the ball was intercepted by Malcom Butler?
  7. Which NFL player in the 2017-2018 season had the most interceptions?
  8. Who has the most interceptions in NFL history?
  9. Where did Doug Baldwin go to college?
  10. Who was Doug Baldwin drafted by?

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Quiz topic: NFL Test - will I Pass?