Am I a good boyfriend/girlfriend?

If you're taking this quiz, you're probably in a relationship right now. I hope you guys have great chemistry and are happy together, but I don't decide that. The quiz does. Go right ahead!

I put a lot of effort into creating this quiz, and I hope you take it and it helps you. I created it because of the positive reaction to my first quiz, "Does your crush like you back?"

Created by: LoveDoctor
  1. Do you remember my boy/girlfriend's name?
  2. Do you arrive on time for dates?
  3. Do you find yourself spending every waking moment with your boy/girlfriend?
  4. Do you remember the first date you had?
  5. Have you kept a steady relationship before?
  6. Do you argue a lot?
  7. Do you give each other what the other wants?
  8. Do you know every possible thing about each other?
  9. Do you or your boy/girlfriend ever deny dating?
  10. Is there anything you wouldn't do together?
  11. FINAL QUESTION: Is there definitely chemistry?

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