*How Much You Know About Me*

I did this Test so people can see that I have great life and personalty i want them to realize that I am a funny person.I want them to have a great time filling in my questions

I really hope people like my test because I really put some effort into it and I had lots of fun doing it!So hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!

Created by: Joseline

  1. Whats My NickName?
  2. Who are my best friends? [In order]
  3. Whats My Future Carreer?
  4. What Im I Good At? [the most]
  5. What Can I Mostly Make People Do?
  6. Whats My Favorite Desert?
  7. Where am I Planning to Do For Summer Vacation?
  8. Am I in Love?
  9. What Is The First Thing I Do When Im Sad?
  10. Am I Alwayz Happy?Smiling?Laughing?
  11. Whats are My Favorite Colors? [In Order]
  12. What Are My Pets Name?
  13. What Is 4 Things I Cant Live Without?
  14. Am I A DareDevil?
  15. I Love Guyz Who Are:
  16. Im In Love W/???
  17. Am I A Flirt?Social Butterfly?

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