New love story: part 1

This quiz is a great love story about u. Ur a eighth grader named Alicia and u just moved into a new school. You will meet two cuties in this quiz and more will be out soon!

Who do u like? In this quiz there is only Noah and Andrew, but soon there will be John and Caleb. Who will steal ur heart? They all like u, but can u convince them to love u?

Created by: Sparkles6

  1. Okay. You name is Alicia and you have just started school in Wisconsin. 8th grade.
  2. As soon as you walk in to the pretty new school, you know that this will be a year full of drama. The girls glare at you as you walk in and the boys smile and flirt.
  3. You walk in and stand there frozen. You have no idea where you r going! You look at your schedule. First you have science with ms mihm. Great just what you need... Science first hour.
  4. You have no idea how to get to science! You just look around you. Suddenly, someone pokes you in the side. You squeal and jump forward. "oh, I am so sorry!" u hear from behind u. U turn and see a tall kid with light blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked genuinely sorry. What do u say back?
  5. Whatever you said, the. The boy smiles. "hi, my name is Andrew. I am the president of student council. I am so sorry! I thought u were...someone else. Anyways, do u need help getting 2 ur class? I can help u if u want" you nod your head frantically. Andrew smiles, "I thought so, now let's see your schedule." you give it to him and he says, " hmm, let's see, oh you have science! I do too! Iets go there together." you smile at him gratefully. What r u thinking?
  6. As Andrew is walking u down the hall to ur science class th late bell rings. U and Andrew step into class a few minutes late. "Andrew! Why r u late?" the teacherr bellows. Then she sees u and says, " oh, u must be the new student...Alicia. Well welcome. I guess I have to give u a science lab partner" she says. She loos around the room. Andrew cuts in, "ms mihm, I'll be her partner!" he says. Aww how sweet u think. "sorry Andrew but I already gave you Brandi as a partner." Andrew looks unhappily at his nerdy partner. Ms mihm continues, " okay, I will put u with Noah." she points at a skinny shorter kid in the back. He smiles goofily at u and winks. He has short dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and a big smile. What do u think?
  7. Suddenly the door opens. A guy walks in and everybody gasps. It's...CLIFFHANGER!
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