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We have brought you all in to Etelligent for a reason. You have already taken the Wonderlic, now we want to find out how well you recall information or how much finance background you have coming in.

These questions aren't designed to make you feel stupid, it is just a way to see how well you pay attention and retain what you are listening to. After you are done with the quiz you can go take a break.

Created by: James Montgomery
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  1. When was Etelligent Consulting acquired by Schwab Performance Technologies?
  2. How many floating holidays would a normal full time employee get in a normal year?
  3. What is the default percent for 401k enrollment if you don't specify anything different?
  4. What is the main part of Etelligent's service that generates over 90% of the firm's revenue?
  5. Who are the two founders of Etelligent?
  6. Who is Etelligent's Ideal Client?
  7. What is the portion of the company's profits that are paid out to shareholders?
  8. What Classification of stock has capitalizations of more than $10 billion?
  9. What is it when an investor sells shares that he/she does not own?
  10. A bond with a maturity date of 02/10/16 is what type of bond?
  11. What type of Security is when investment companies pool money to invest in a collection of stocks, bonds, or other securities?
  12. What type of Corporate Action is the combining of two corporations?
  13. A 2 for 3 split is what type of corporate action?
  14. What type of Corporate Action is it when a company issues stock of a subsidiary?
  15. What type of security is usually a promissory note issued by a bank?
  16. Which is not a type of bond?
  17. What is the amount of income between the last date paid and the current date on the report?
  18. Which of these bond ratings is the best quality?

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