Never Alone (Part 5)

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Hello, this is part 5 of Never Alone I really hope you like it, and I will also be making another serie's at the same time as I make this, but I'll make sure I keep up, and make this serie's.

Created by: xbox360fan

  1. When I heard this I took a giant leap back, and when I say giant I mean giant mainly because of me using my elemental power's which I used air if you haven't figured that out. "We won't hurt you, and I'm not the real spring-heeled jack my brother is, but we are both called this now follow me to your room" Nick said I was suprised he didn't flirt with me.
  2. We stopped at an empty room I never knew a ranch house was this big I had already walked up around five flight of stair's god today is not my day I should have just flew up here. I opened the room door as Nick walked away. How do I explain my room It's kinda hard for me to do since I haven't been in a real room for so long.
  3. It was nothing I shruged knowing I could just use my power's which of course I did. I ended up painted the wall's dark forest green, and put in anitque oak wood flooring. I got a tv stand for my 72 inch tv, and hooked up my xbox 360 I literally had all the xbox game's I then put a desk on the right side of my room against the wall, and put both my ipod, and laptop on charge on it. I then grabbed my acustic, and electric guitar, and proped them on there stand's in the corner. I then put a king sized bed in the middle of the room against the middle of the wall.
  4. I sighed, and I grabbed the xbox controller getting ready to play Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion. I played singleplayer since I had no one to play with that is until I heard footstep's, and I groaned as the guy's came running in with eye's wide "What? Never seen a girl like xbox, and Tekken before? Oh, and by the way just so ya know my name is Coal. Spelled C.O.A.L" I said smirking. Avery took a step closer as if channgleing me to a fight, but I knew he was talking about Tekken I hope.
  5. Turn's out he wasn't talking about the game, and he lunged, but I easyly dodged spreading out my wing's flying toward's the roof my back against it as wolverine like claw's grew from my knuckles so I could grip onto the celling so I didn't have to strain out my wing's even though they are like titanium.
  6. God what did I do to make this guy so angry. I mean I know he's a shadow demon, but he said he wanted change well it doesn't seem like he does. I watched, and listened for his every move he seemed to smirk, and grab my controller, so that's why. Ok that's it I put my claw's back into my flesh, and I pushed off the roof pining him by his back to where he can't get up my eye's flashed from gold to pure white as I growled, and grabed him by his neck, and pushed him into the other guy's.
  7. He growled in response, and the other's had to hold him back as I just sat down ignoring them "Now go away unles you want to get hurt" I snarled as I formed into a wolf. I then took a step foward in a threatning matter with my haunches raised I pined my ears against my head as i groweld aggresively Kyle seem's to be the most submissive so he backed off, but the other's stood there ground, and I took another step closer, and this time Nick backed off. All who where left was Avery, and Zanary.
  8. My eyes seemed to turn pure white as pure white fire surronded me in anger "I said get out!!!" I growled Zanary I could tell wouldn't back off mainly because he didn't want Avery to loose it.
  9. I sent the fire toward's there direction which shot them out my room I then turned human, and slammed the door shut. I tryed to calm my self down as I lied down on my bed, and I balled up my fist in anger, and I punched the wall putting a hole in it still mad as hell turn's out Avery's room is right next to mine so when I put the hole through my wall I also put a hole through his. "Oops" I mutterd, and I layed back down on my bed slightly content.
  10. I sighed softly as I finally fell asleep I rarely had any dream's, but I seemed to have one about the guy's, but mainly Avery. I don't know It's weird he seem's different, and I think I'm starting to-- wait no that's to strong of a word let's just say like. After that dream I stayed dreamless for the rest of the night. I woke up early in the morning knowing/hopeing no one was awake I sighed, and quickly took a showed changing into a white short sleeved shirt that has red stripe's on it, and also dark red skinny jean's with dark green converse. I brushed out my hair, but left it how it is I'm not really the type that get's dressed up, and I don't wear dresses, so if we go somewhere fancy expect me to wear casual clothe's since for one I HATE DRESSE'S, and second I have none.
  11. I walked out my room, and downstair's toward's the kitchen I looked around my golden eyes glowing in the darkness. I then ran smack into someone I jumped back hopeing that it wouldn't see me.
  12. Who do you like so far? Oh, and I will be making another serie's at the same time as this so I'll try to get more of these out before I begin the next one. If I don't then that would mean I can't think of anything, but hear me say this I'm not going to quit.

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