Navigate my nightmare and find your ending.

I've had some strange, terrifying nightmares in my life. This was one of the worst I've ever had, and this quiz was largely inspired by it, though there is a difference.

Namely, there is only one true ending, the one that actually happened in the dream. The rest are alternate endings. Answer ten questions and let's see. Which one will you find?

Created by: Morgan

  1. You wake up. It's morning, you think. You wouldn't know. The shutters are closed, but you think you can see a sliver of light filtering in through the gap between the shutters and the floor.
  2. When you finally decide to get up, you check the time. 9:36am. It's a fine enough time to get up, you decide. What's the first thing you do?
  3. When you open the shutters to let sunlight in, you notice something odd. There is a vase of purple flowers on your balcony. Or... there was. Now there is a vase full of dirt and the rotting remains of flowers scattered across the balcony. The railguard you distinctly remember having installed up there is also gone.
  4. After leaving the balcony, you go downstairs with the intention of going out to the garden. Halfway down the stairs, though, you hear a loud bang come from your bedroom. When you go to check that a bird hasn't crashed into your window or something, you find the shutters closed. Something feels wrong. Your first thought is...
  5. You call a friend, the first who answers. They're a dear friend, though a relatively new one, a bit older than you, they feel safe. They come to your house and you tell them everything. But, before, you're even done talking, their eyes become glassy and they walk away. You feel a bit insulted, in all honesty. Until you hear the bathroom window, just beside your upstairs bedroom, open. Panicked, you run out on the balcony, only to see your friend tilt forward from their place on the windowsill and land hard on their head to the stone floor of the driveway. You scream. Your first thought is...
  6. You run downstairs and nearly slam into your parents. Tears are already streaming down your face. You beg for their help, too panicked to even string a sentence together, but they laugh it off. They laugh at you. "It's nothing." they say, "We'll clean it up later." they say. You response is-
  7. As you leave your parents to do whatever you can do, you feel an overwhelming presenceclosing in on you. It's left the body of your friend and is barreling towards you, you just know, even though you can't see anything. Upstairs, the shutters keep slamming. You have to return to the bedroom. You know. As you run up the stairs, you think...
  8. Are you afraid?
  9. Is there hope?
  10. Is this real?

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Quiz topic: Navigate my nightmare and find my ending.