DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU (horror story)

When 23 year old Jade is home alone her boyfriend texts her to let her know she will be spending the night alone! but when a misunderstanding causes her to break down the only person to turn to was her best friend Maria.however something bright became VERY DARK FAST! and going to the bathroom meet her meet a NIGHTMARE! She calls her boyfriend-who hears the most HORRIFYING SCREAM! His GIRLFRIEND!- But a scream of FEAR-or PAIN!?

(WARNING: ITS KINDA IMPORTANT TO READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW! Hi I'm Crystal willow and this is my new HORROR series. (WARNING: this is a VERY long STORY-not a quiz and also all of the 'options' that you get are jut the story-so ONLY choose them once you have read EVERYTHING There! )-enjoy! And have 'SWEET dreams lol!

Created by: Crystal willow

  2. What if his lying? what if he is JUST LIKE JAMES! (Starts crying)
  3. FACEtimeWwow i guess he IS telling the truth. His just at his.friends,-unless THEIR just covering for him! Oh stop it JANE! Sigh!
  4. What do i say now? It would be kinda awkward if i say i thought my boyfriend was CHEATING on me.... Hhow ddo they know that? Were they...TALKING about ME?!
  5. (starts crying)Iii ccan't bbelive it! He was not only cheating-but gossiping to he knew how stressed i was! HE IS JUST LIKE JAMES! The only person i can talk now is Marie.
  6. JADE: more suspicious than they were 'meant to be' he SAID that he though i believed my boyfriend cheated on me! Then LAUGHED nervously! I understand your ex-boyfriend scarred you and - JADE marie! You don't understand! He cheated on me AND HIS WIFE AT THE SAME TIME! He said i was more important to him then anything.
  7. MARIA: ok! YOU GO GIRL! Hahahahah! JUDE: oh Marie! You can even make going toilet funny! Hahahaha! Ok brb. MARIA: kay bye!.
  8. Maria does her business and washes her hands. She also brushes her messy wavy hair (she broke down earlier) in the mirror. cReEeCk!!! JUDE: WHAT was that? It came from the stairs-but nobody is home but me... Gulp! She suddenly hears STAMP! This makes her JUMP! She puts down her hair brush takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. AAAAAaaa-aaa-a!!!!!! Any closer and she would of fainted! The most HORRIFYING figure stood RIGHT behind her. when she blinked again her scream silenced and the figure was gone! She couldn't breath properly she could bearly see she just stood there too afraid to look back. Then she heard was her phone.
  9. She DASHED out of the bathroom as FAST as possible!! DOWN the stairs to the living room. Her phone stoped ringing. It was her 'boyfriend she dialled his number as fast she could.
  10. BLOODY KNIFE! He-PaNt pAnT-wwas-sso-S-A -Y!!! C- -R
  12. Sorry it was sooo long-but it had to be!

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