How well do you know texting slang?

Do you think you're a master of texting slang? Do you think your group chats have all of the trendiest acronyms? Test your knowledge here with a scientific (probably) quiz that will evaluate your texting IQ!

Even if you don't stay up to date on all of the hottest texting terminology, take this quiz to test your intuition or to find out in the first place what in the world kids are saying these days.

Created by: superquizmaster
  1. Which sentence uses "AF" in the more modern sense of the term?
  2. You need to deal with your dog for like five minutes while your texting your BFF. You want to make sure (s)he doesn't leave as you're about to break very important news. What do you send?
  3. When you're friends use the word "bae," they're most likely referring to their
  4. Translate the following "sentence:" idk y my bae b cold AF 2 me bc i b legit v hot jk lmbo gtg 4 1 sec brb tho.
  5. Who would most people tell everyone they consider "basic?"
  6. Which of the following is NOT true?
  7. I'm sorry I have to include this though what should you NOT say when a loved one's grandmother dies?
  8. Ok, this is a matter of personal opinion, which means the opinion of any good person. It's not fair for this to affect your quiz results, but I don't really care, so: what are your thoughts on typing "ya" as a synonym for yes?
  9. Idc what u answer 2 this question!
  10. Hbd 2 u, hbd 2 u, hbd dear (whatever ur name is), hbd 2 u

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Quiz topic: How well do I know texting slang?