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  • Yes i totally agree with the other comments. i have been riding for 5 years, and what i have been taught is not wrong just because it requires a bit. I also watch my horse for and signal of discontent, and they have all been pleased with how i handle them. I believe you should change this quiz completely. Just because YOU dont use the bit, it doesnt mean that we have to cope with NOT using it to make our horses "happy."

    Radar 1
  • your questions aren't based on reason. dont you know if a horse is acting up, getting off is rewarding itt? an abcess(which by the way you spelt wrong) could end up serious.also the most natural option for the saddle would be none at all.about half the horses i ride cannot be ridden on a completely loose rein, they would be all over the place. again the most natural option would be no tack whatsoever.

  • I was taught by pros for six years. Just because you don't like the bit doesn't mean we all hate the bit. My horses seem content with a light contact on the reins. 10% horsemanship is what you gave ME, you should give yourself a 10%! Was this made by a seven year old?

  • and i was taught by professionals too, i could say the way YOU ride is comepletely wrong and that you should learn to hate the bit and that ur opinion sucks, but i dont say that cause im not sad to how other people ride, my horse is way better to ride natural than conventional, she is way more happier and i dont need to put a bit in her mouth (the most sensitive part of her) to control her, so its not bad!

  • This quiz is completly wrong. i have beenm riding for over 10 years, and i selected the answers i thought were best to me, and YES THEY WERE TAUGHT TO ME BY PROFFESIONALS. just because you dont like the bit doesnt mean its horrible. i ride young horses, with out a bit it would be awful. you really need to change this quiz, its bad. laern to love the bit, it doenst hurt the, . and again you really need to change this. it sucks


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