Mystery Solvers 7

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Part 8 is coming soon. Can you guess what's going to happen. Now you can only wonder. I wanna see your guess on what's going to happen next. Write it in the comments.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. Erin! She falls on the floor. Alex shot her! "I thought you were dead." you say. "No im fine." she says. "Is she dead?" you ask. "No" she says.
  2. One thing you didnt get was that Alex didnt have any blood on her. Was this fake? A sat-up!
  3. "Alex im going to go take a shower." you say.
  4. You look back and you heard erin and alex talking. "What are we ging to do?" says Alex. "Well you should of killed her while you had the change!" Erin says. "Be quiet! She might hear you." Alex says. "Are you going to kill Ross?" she ask. "Why should I,he's the one that raped her without protection."Erin says.
  5. You realize that your late. (you missed your period). Oh my god! Your pregnant!
  6. You call Julius and tell him to put you up. "Ok ill be right there." he says. You get dress. You heard down stairs. Alex and Erin are gone.
  7. Ok so far everyone you know,everyone you loved and cared about has betrad you. What if Juilius was apart of it?
  8. He will kill me!
  9. Then the door bell rangs. Is it Juilius? Should you even open the door? Yes? No?
  10. Find out in Mystery Solvers 8.

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