Mystery Solvers 2

Did you live or die? Find out in part 3 of Mystery Solvers. Please rate and comment. I worked very hard on this. Plesae no hate comments, if you dont hane nothing nice to say do say it at all.

I hate this my fingers hurt from writing and im really busy to day so this is going to be a long day. I mean writing 12 questions and answers is enough.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. "Please don't killl me." you say. Then he gets naked and gets on top of you. "Tell anyone and you will die." he says. He puts his d*** in and out of your p****.He does it harder and harder. You scream from the pain. Then he puts his d*** in and out of your a**. You scream loud and loud.
  2. Then he does it all over again. For 11 hours.
  3. It's about 2:00 in the morning. You are sweating like crazy. Tears run down your cheeks.
  4. You lost your voice from screaming and you really can't talk. You fell cold and num.
  5. He gets up and gets dress. Then we you felling num you can bearly move. He let's you out of the hand cuffed.
  6. "Next time i will kill you." he say.
  7. He holds the knife to your throat. You realize that you have to fight him.
  8. You grab the knife and stab him in the showdler.
  9. You left your phone down stairs. You look back at the man....
  10. HE'S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. You are run down stair and then you hear a gun go off. You look down at your cheast...

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