My Tears Are For You

This story is about a girl who experienced true love. She had found that special someone, but soon after, great pain follows her. It strikes her at the spot where pain can be felt most. Her heart.

Everything starts going downhill for her. She cannot control what is to come. Knowing that, she hates herself. She wants to stop it but she can't. What will happen to the life as she knows it? (me: It sounds pretty cheesy to me but it seems to fit so...)

Created by: Fairygal

  1. Emotions swirl about me, mixing into one. The thoughts of losing you is suffocating. I cannot imagine my life with you. Tears are pouring out of my eyes, blinding me from what is now reality. I don't want to believe that it's true. It all feels like a dream. Like soon I would wake up to find that it's all part of my imagination. But why is it that I'm still in this surreal realm? The truth of it all is slowly getting further away from me, it being close enough to be within my grasp. I will not hold on. This might be the last time I get to see you.
  2. I bend down to the ground to look at the face I once admired. You are so real. You are the one who understands me and love me for who I am. It's because of me that you are like this. If you were to hear my words, you would've said that everything is going to be okay. But you're not. It's all my fault that you're like this.    
  3. You are lying there on the ground, not seeing and not moving. The life that was in you has left your body, leaving you to slowly rot. I cry into your chest, trying to hold onto the person I once knew and loved. You used to hug me while whispering loving words into my ear. I miss all that. I wish you are here to dispel my pain. You would have sent them far away with only your presence. You are my light. Without you, darkness will only continue to grow in my heart. 
  4. I remember our first time together. We felt so comfortable and safe, not afraid to be ourselves. We clicked right away. More than any other couple could. 
  5. You had given me the one thing that everyone wishes to have. True love. I have never felt this feeling before and now it seems that I will never have that feeling again.
  6. I remember the symbol of our love. A rose. It was my favourite flower. The first present you've given me. Being the romantic you are, you wanted to give me something special and meaningful. Not something that is lavish and expensive. I never wanted those and you giving me that rose means you knew me more than any other person. You are the one who is meant to be my soulmate.  
  7. I mourn for you. I cry for you. It is by my hands that you are like this. Your breath is slowly being taken away and the colour of your skin also. You are slowly becoming a ghost. Someone that I cannot recognize. 
  8. My head is pounding and my heart is beating fast. I cannot handle this anymore. It is who I want to be with. My world is slowly spinning, the many colours swirling to become one. As expected, I lose consciousness. My world faded to black as flashbacks and memories flood into my mind. Memories of you.  
  9. Okay. That's the end. I don't know whether I should do anymore parts for this story. I thought of the idea and decided to write it. Do you like it?
  10. This part is supposed to take place in the present. The narrator is crying about the person she loves. If I were to do anymore parts, they'll be about the flashbacks of him and the narrator. In those parts, you'll find out how they got to be.
  11. If you want to see more parts to this story, write it in the comments. Oh. By the way, I'm still doing the "Mysterious Love" series.

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