My shout out quiz!

This is a quiz revealing who are my friends. This is ilovekittens speaking just so you know. I have nothing else to say just so you know. I don't know what to do.

I hope you enjoy this quiz. After you are done taking this please comment and rate (if you are going to rate the make sure it's higher than 4) bye bye

Created by: ilovekittens

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  1. First is DaughterOfApollo. She is very nice and basically, she's a witch O_O
  2. Next is Gracious. She is awesome and nice too
  3. Next is Mincecraft Girl! She is very fun to talk to.
  4. Donotdisturb, or Sim, is very funny.
  5. That's all. I only have a little bit because I am new :( I'll make more friends :)
  6. I am going to make "Drop of Secrets (3)" soon so please wait patiently until i'm done :)
  7. comment
  8. rate
  9. don't have to rate. I'm just doing this for fun.
  10. If you want to rate you can. But make sure you don't rate it 1-4 ok?
  11. bye

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