My shout out quiz

There are many people who know about me, but many do not.This quiz is about me and shout outs! Please do this quiz...! Yep. I'm only doing the spaces because it takes up space!

Do YOU know about me and my friends? Maybe not... Or maybe you do... Who knows? Do this quiz to find out!Yes I'm only doing the big spaces again to take up space!

Created by: Neversaynever20
  1. Thank you so much Imafancyjag for being a great friend!
  2. Kimberly, thanks for always being there for me and for always keeping me busy!
  3. Thanks Tasha for always talking with me and thanks for being a great friend!
  4. Thank you m....... for helping me out!
  5. If you are one of those people... prove it! What's my name?
  6. What's my favourite colour?
  7. What do you think of me?
  8. One more question. (after this one) How many siblings do I have?
  9. Last question... will you vote, comment and be Happy?
  10. Here are the results...

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