Do you know AJ? You best!

Okay, people. Listen, this thing has to be 100 characters long. That's dumb, so I'm just gonna say this and put a BUNCH of spaces at the end of it. So ... let's find out how well you know me. You better do well, or well .. else. Or something. Okay never mind, it won't LET me do the spaces thing, so ... here now I'm just taking up space. Okay, I'm done.

Okay what? For some reason I have to have TWO paragraphs. I'm never making a quiz again. Here ... have some more spaces to ... take up space. Once again, I'm just taking up space so I can APPEASE this dumb quiz test thing. This should be enough.

Created by: AJ
  1. Okay, so ... here's an easy question, what is my favorite color?
  2. ... Which one is mine?
  3. As a child, I wanted to build what with yogurt cups and playdo cups?
  4. Which one of these dates means the most to me?
  5. What is the nickname Tracie has given me?
  6. What sort of "location" do I love more than anything else? C'mon, you should know this.
  7. Okay okay, so ... the name of my first dog?
  8. Name my website
  9. What type of pop (yes, "pop") do I drink more than anything else?
  10. What was my first car?
  11. Gold or Silver?
  12. What does "AJ" stand for?
  13. What's my favorite candy?
  14. When I was younger what was I the most afraid of?
  15. What title do I share with Joe and Donald?
  16. Name the best movie. Ever.
  17. What would I normally say here ... "That's just how I roll, ___________" fill in the blank
  18. Where was the first place I ever worked?
  19. How many turtles have I had?
  20. Okay, so, what show would I consider the best?

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Quiz topic: Do I know AJ? You best!