I Likesh Mudkipz (Ms Quiz)

There are many dumb people in Maple. Not many smart ones :( This quiz is for but not the faint hearted, not for the weak, but for the bold and brave! ~~~~~~~ Read on to find out why you want to take the quiz.

ARE YOU DUMB? ARE YOU EMO? ARE YOU PRO? ARE YOU A NOLIFER..ARE YOU GEY? DO YOU LIEK MUDKIPZ? ARE YOU SURE? TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT I bet you're wondering why this keeps going on an on, has to be one hundred and fifty characters long.

Created by: Ben

  1. Who is the master bowman.
  2. What ATT would a perfectly scrolled Maple Kandayo have, assuming it's att was perfect clean.
  3. What legendary sword is supposed to be dropped from the 'Black Crow'.
  4. What level is needed to wear the Dragon Staff?
  5. [No Wrong Answer] Do you think MS would be better off without Nexon, and only just Wizet?
  6. Which bowman class has the skill Arrow Rain?
  7. Which NPC would an ASSASIN have to speak to, to get his 3rd job advancement quest.
  8. Do Crimson Balrogs drop any 60% scrolls?
  9. What 2H level 90 Axe do Himes(Dreamy Ghosts) drop?
  10. What discount is given to beginners for all taxi fairs.
  11. What is the only PROCESSED Crystal that is dropped by a monster?
  12. What map is Jr.Balrog found in?
  13. What new NLC monster tends do drop rare items where no-one can get? ^^ (Haha)
  14. Which NX pet costs the most. (:
  15. What site is generally used to, flame people, curse people, buy items, sell items. LoL
  16. Which of the following warriors has the ability to increase party members HP and MP
  17. [No points deducted] Will GMS ever get 4th job? :(
  18. Find the correct statement:
  19. What monster should a I/L Mage (Levels 30-38) train on if he wants to take advantage of his build
  20. Who failed at creating a good quiz?
  21. [No Wrong Answer] Do you liek mudkipz?
  22. Was this quiz good? [No wrong answer]
  23. Credits
  24. One last question [No wrong answer] Who is the leetest?

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