The Big Fat Movie Quiz

You wish to test your skill of movie knowledge by taking on my quiz? Turn back if you fear what may lie ahead for only the brave shall enter and the weak shall perish and look pretty stupid if they fail epically by answering all the questions wrong or something...

Brains! Something many desire but few possess. Can you prove that you have the brainpower to take on my quiz and by that I mean not using Google to answer each question

Created by: Craig Stanley

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  1. John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 is loosely based on which classic western
  2. Sticking with Westerns, what profession was the mysterious "Man with No Name" is Pale Rider
  3. In "Drive" (2011), Ryan Gosling's nameless character's daytime profession is as what
  4. Director Don Coscorelli made which cult 80's Fantasy movie
  5. Who originally was cast to play the alien in 1987's "Predator" before Kevin Peter Hall stepped in?
  6. Which infamous child actor starred in Friday 13th The Final Chaper?
  7. Which cult 70's movie was based on the Battle of Cunaxa?
  8. The South Park Episode "Major Boobage" parodies which cult 80's animated rock movie
  9. Which rank does James Bond hold?
  10. Which Arnie movie did Megadeth record "Angry Again" for?
  11. Which famous cult actor connects "The Fog", "Night of the Creeps" and "Lethal Weapon"?
  12. Which classic Jackie Chan movie famously features a stunt involving a tree that very nearly killed him?
  13. Character Actor Tracy Walter delivered the famous Plate of Shrimp line from which cult eighties movie?
  14. The new "Amazing Spider-Man" movie is closely based on which comic book version of Spider Man?
  15. Christopher Nolan's final Batman Movie, The Dark Knight Rises, features both Bane and Catwoman, but which body part did Bane famously break on Batman in the comics?
  16. In John Carpenter's first Big studio movie Starman, Jeff Bridges' alien transforms into Karen Allen's recently deceased...?
  17. How many Oscars has Alfred Hitchcock won?
  18. FINAL QUESTION! Cobra was Sylvester Stallone's version of which film he was originally cast in but left after they refused to allow him to rewrite the movie.

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