My Secrets (Mistyraindrops)

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So...I decided that I'm going to tell my secrets now...since there's no point in hiding away. I don't care if you make fun of them, or if you think I'm weird...

I just needed to let my secrets out....I know, I'm weird. But most of you know my secrets anyway, but for those who don't know them, here you go. Enjoy making fun of me.

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  1. this quiz you will find out most of my secrets..
  2. 1. I find it hard to make new friends
  3. 2. I don't like the light.
  4. 3. I hate myself (you all know this one)
  5. 4. I'm scared of spiders
  6. 5. I want to die...
  7. 6. I don't like mean b1tchy girls who think they're perfect
  8. 7. I know how I'm going to die...
  9. 8. I'm kinda shy...
  10. So those are some of my secrets.....

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