My Pink Ape quiz

There are very few geniuses on this subject. A genius is someone who is really clever and is witty so i hope you score high. If you don't hey, it is okay it is just a quiz.

Are you a genius of the pink ape. I Doubt it, so if you want to prove me wrong you will have to prove me wrong. But seriously this quiz is difficult.

Created by: Michael T.

  1. Who is the owner of the Pink Ape?
  2. Who is an expert at making the SPLAT!
  3. What color SKIN does the Pink Ape have?
  4. What show inspired the My Pink Ape song?
  5. What does the Pink Ape throw?
  6. What is the Pink Ape?
  7. What is the Pink Ape's name?
  8. What is The Pink Ape making the best that he can?
  9. What is the 1st line of the song?
  10. When did everything change?
  11. Does this quiz bore you?
  12. Is there a music video?

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