my love life part 11

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okay, so in this quiz, i have a lot going on. there are very long paragraphs so your going to do a lot of reading here. its good practice for the school year hahaha! any way, i am so sorry for taking to long in this quiz. i was waiting for any of you people's suggestions. please leave me some!!

I am so sorry for taking so long to make this quiz. its just that I've been waiting for some suggestions. plus, my parents think i'm addicted to this website so i'm only working on it when i'm not home. hahaha

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. left off at: suddenly, you heard a window break and footsteps rushing down the stairs. before you can turn around or react to anything, you get sleepy and fall off the chair into deep sleep, only seeing red, glittery lights
  2. you wake up in a dark and gray room. the only light shown came from the ceiling and it was the color of urine. there were chains coming out from the walls grasping your wrists, ankles, waste and one a little bit loose around your took a look at yourself and found yourself still in your pajamas and your hair was up high into a ponytail. you look around the room and find yourself also in a cell and there were more cells with skeletons either chained to the walls or lying on the ground. there was one that was on the ground with one bony hand clutching the bar and the other sticking out the cell reaching for the key to its cell.
  3. you call for help in your mind and say, "Aaron? Aaron! im scared they have me chained to a wall! wait, are you locked up too? of course! they'd be stupid not to. i need your help! i'm terrified." then you softly heard him say, Julie? Julia! you woke me up. ugh! i'm tied up at the house. i'll get to you right now! hang in there!". if they didn't lock him up, then they only locked you up. that's very good news. then you hear a door make a large slam. then you heard footsteps coming to you.
  4. the Queen, Andrew, and Belinda walked into the room. they unlock the cell and enter. you struggle trying to melt the chains when the Queen says, " Don't bother. its fire proof. you can't melt it." you stop struggling giving a hopeless sigh. then the queen says, "i just came to say goodbye. for good this time. no one is coming to help you, Julia. your little friends are tied up at the house with my loyal vampires waiting for them to escape and kill. oh! and i thought you should know, out of sympathy, i'm going to let your little cousin john die with his love Zera.haha! goodbye." she laughed then walked away patting Andrew's shoulder and gave him a wink. he nodded in return and stepped up closer to you. then Bell pulled him back saying, "not yet. don't you think she should hear the story first?" he nodded and let Belinda speak. you were curious. there's another story?
  5. "you see," started bell, "after my mom saved me from those heartless, shallow people called my birth parents, i fell for Andrew here. i mean, you don't actually think that he's as cruel as he is with you with any other girl. do you? ha! he's too soft. anyway, we are planning on staying together after he finishes you off. we'll be together forever. literally. anyway, goodbye! it was nice torturing you. andrew, finish her off will you?" then she kissed him on the lips and you noticed him practically melting in her arms. you always thought Andrew was handsome and you couldnt help but tear up seeing him care for her the way he never did to you. you started to cry softly. then she smiled at you evilly and left.
  6. Andrew stepped up to you and wiped your tears. you weren't looking at him. you were staring at a skeleton in another cell. he lifted your chin up and you thought, *hmm... maybe if i look into his dark eyes, i could fall asleep and not fell myself dying.* you tried but it didn't work. only he could make sure whether you would faint or not. he then said, "kiss me" but there was anger and evil in his voice. you refused to so you spit on him and said, "Over my dead body!!"
  7. he then grabs your arm that just healed and snapped it. you felt your bone break and you gave a very loud, blood-curling scream. he then said, "now, you either go along with the pain, or fight it and get more pain." before you could reply, he had one hand tight around your chin and the other on your shoulder pushing you against the wall as he kissed you fiercely. you were helpless. he then removed his hands from your shoulder and chin and placed one on your back and the other pulling your hair. he yanked your hair tie out of your hair leaving your hair down. he found his way into your mouth and you tried to fight it as much as you could but he is a vampire and was too strong. he kept pulling your hair and messing up. you tried to scream but he wouldn't let you.
  8. you then remember your last class with Aaron and start to build up the power. you put on the protection shield and he flew back falling on the floor on the other side of the cell. you couldn't melt the chains and thought maybe you could learn air by yourself. so, you imagined the chains unlocking themselves from you with the power of air pull them open. it happened and you were free. you ran to the bars and it was locked and they wouldn't melt either. you couldn't bend it with air. you were trapped with andrew in a cell. so you called for help in your mind, *Aaron! now would be a good time to rescue me!! not that its urgent or anything.* he replied with a small chuckle *we're just beating up a couple guards. just give us a sec.*
  9. you try to fight him off as he charged at you. you remember in movies when a guy charged, they'd hold out an arm. you tried it and you did hit his neck but it seems you suffered more than him. of course! its a vampire for goodness sake! tried to kick but he quickly grabbed your leg and pushed you to the wall. you hit the wall hard and groaned in pain. then you remembered your other powers. you tried your best and found that you were doing good. vines broke from the ground and grasped his arms and legs. although, Andrew broke through that but only after a few minutes. then you formed a water ball and put him in it. he was swishing around and he couldn't escape. you knew he couldn't drown because he was a vampire but maybe you could hold him off. you got too tired the water put a great weight on your shoulders. you dropped him and the water and he said, "okay... now i'm going to kill you." you threw fire balls at him but you missed every single one. you then felt a very cold chill up your spine and that weakened you. you got way too cold. how could you fire up? the guys walked in and Zera broke off the bars. you felt frozen and Alex came running to you.
  10. should i leave you with a cliffhanger?
  11. jajaja i won't... at least, not yet
  12. he picked you up and (sorry for you peoples who like Alex but this fits the story :{ ) you pushed him away as you fell to the ground. he gets all angry again and said, "what the heck?! don't you want to live?!" you were curled up in a corner and you replied, "its too cold. sorry. your just too cold." he rolled his eyes and said, "whatever just hold it in! the other guys are too busy fighting and John is waiting for us in the safe house." he picked you up and you started jerking around. he was ice cold! and you started to feel sick. it was cold and his vampire self wasn't helping. you kept screaming saying, "No! let me go! too cold! your too cold!!!!" he just kept saying, "shut up! you driving me crazy shut up!!!" until he was pissed of and he said, "fine!!" then he dropped you in the middle of the forest and took off.
  13. you curled up by a tree and created a vine blanket. you started to warm up and squirrels and rabbits came to you. they cuddled up to you and their body heat really helped. you remembered that you could talk to animals so you started to have random conversations with them. one rabbit told you to grow a healing flower and to drink the juice. you don't know how you did it but you just thought a healing flower in your mind and it grew. you picked it and drank the juice. the flower was formed with cup like pedals. your arm started to glow and next thing you know, its all better.
  14. you see a large tiger come and it roared at you. then you see... CLIFFHANGER!!!

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