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  • Your Result: Fluttershy! 62%

    Fluttershy is the sweet and shy pegasus that represents Kindness. You are very shy and often find your peace of mind in solitude, or with animals or close friends. Don't let them think you're a pushover, though! You sure can speak your mind when you want to.

    6% Twilight Sparkle!
    0% Applejack!
    0% Rarity!
    0% Pinkie Pie!
    0% Rainbow Dash!
    Good quiz!

  • Applejack is the down-to-earth pony that represents Honesty. You value nothing more that family and treat your friends as such. You pride yourself on the fact you are a hardworking, reliable person.

    Fluttershy! 0%
    Pinkie Pie! 0%
    Rarity! 0%
    Twilight Sparkle! 0%

    um, why did I take this? oh, yea! because I am weird and have a lip balm covered band aid on my mouth! the corners of my lips are cut and cracked, again, and one of them is bleeding:(

  • Ov course, I new Pinkie Pie!

  • im fluttershy! oh I hope I wasn't to loud

  • Poor Inloveandstuff! =( I hope you liked the quizzy wizzy though


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