My first shoutout Quiz :D

This is my first shoutout quiz!!!woohoo!!!i hope that u r on the quiz! Take the quiz!please!!f your a GTQ USER THAT I KNOW guys,ok?thank u so much.

Rate and comment please and check my profile and..........thank u!take the quiz now! XD,thx doodle and I mean u GTQ USERS!!yes I put ? Randomly!even in results!

Created by: I am cool

  1. Hi guys, this is my first shoutout quiz!
  2. Dream if night:you're really nice!
  3. Jeeshan:you're one of my best friends on GTQ!
  4. Misty raindrops:you're nice to,talk with!
  5. Love 54:we haven't talked that much,but u seem nice!
  6. Jinx black claw:your so polite and social,I like u!
  7. Sphinx:you r friendly!!
  8. Josh:u are so cool dude!
  9. Kait: you r the first person on GTQ that I've talked to!
  10. Paige quizzy:we haven't talked a lot,but I like your personality so far!
  11. Sorry if u weren't on the quiz,but I love u all! :3,and f u are someone that I know and u weren't on the quiz just blank post,thank u!
  12. Please rate and comment,bye bye!

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