My Shoutout Quiz 2015!

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So this is probably my first shoutout quiz,idk.. I'm never in anyones quiz :( maybe because loads of people hate me...... But anyway just do this quiz and yeah .....

I hope you're in this quiz and ok ok ok I'm bored of typing typing typi....... *falls asleep* OOPS! sorry I fell asleep on duty... Punish me damn....

Created by: Mistyraindrops

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  1. So this is my shoutout quiz 2015, I know its a bit late.
  2. Sorry if you're not on here.
  3. First up is..... Sademogirl (momma)! Yay, you have been such a great gtq momma to me! Thanks so much for caring!
  4. Next up is..... Sphinx! You have been kind to me, and we have known each other for some time now! We have our ups and downs!
  5. Next is...... Kalafina! Even though I have only known you for a little amount of time, you seem really kind! Keep it up!
  6. Nex up..... Jinx blackclaw! You have been kind to me and others, you listen to people when they need to tell you something!
  7. Next is....... Percie! Even though I don't really know you that much, I have talked to you a bit and you are really nice!
  8. Next up is.... Small! We both like cats, warrior cats and bloody hell its amazing! Yes! I have finally found someone who likes the same book series as me! And you are fun and kind too!
  9. So that is the end, sorry if I have missed you out...
  10. Bye!

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