Do you know me? (2015 Addition)

So, alot of you have talked to me and most have even taken my other "Do you know me?" quizzes. Well, this is 2015. A new year where things change! So, do you think you honestly, swear to god, positivlyknow me? O.o Prove it buddy!

Prove your knowlege of the amazing Silent_Night! Go fourth and attempt thy quiz! Not everyday i produce a quiz... so this is special and cool. Your still here? Oh fudge it... noone reads these damned things... oh well. Haha. :D

Created by: Silent_Night
  1. First, what does my name starts with?
  2. Who is my best friend on here? (Tricky)
  3. What is my favorite color?
  4. Am i a boy or girl?
  5. My favorite dessert?
  6. My middle name?
  7. Last name?
  8. Who was the first GTQ guy i dated?
  9. Do i have a disorder? If so... What disorder might that be?
  10. What is my favorite food?
  11. My favorite candy?
  12. My favorite creepypasta?
  13. Am i single?
  14. If you think i AM NOT single, then who am i currently dating?
  15. My favorite number?
  16. How old am i?
  17. When is my birthday?
  18. Do i like batman the superhero?
  19. My favorite type of movie?
  20. Do i like Anime?
  21. My favorite animal?
  22. Am i awesome?
  23. Am i girly?
  24. Do i like soccer?
  25. Do i role play?
  26. Do i have anger issues?
  27. Am i on GTQ alot?
  28. Am i loyal?
  29. Am i mature of immature?
  30. I a disnerd?
  31. Which emoticon do i use quite often?
  32. Am i straight?
  33. If i'm not straight... then what am i?
  34. What kind of music do i like?
  35. What are "Marshies" to me?
  36. Do i like day or night?

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Quiz topic: Do I know me? (2015 Addition)