NHL 2014-2015 Quiz

This is just my first quiz I made about NHL. I'm still becoming a big hockey brain, but I do enjoy hockey. This is just my "newbie" quiz and I may or may not have more

These are just some basic questions about the 2014-2015 National Hockey League season. From teams to players to cities...Its just crazy awesome thing!

Created by: Marie R.

  1. Who is the captain of the Winnipeg Jets?
  2. Left-Winger Evander Kane was Recently traded by the Jets to what team?
  3. Which team is the AHL Affiliate (farm team) of the Edmonton Oilers?
  4. How many NHL Teams are there?
  5. Which NHL team is from Massachusetts?
  6. Which of the following Canadian provinces do NOT have NHL teams?
  7. Which city are the Predators from?
  8. How many NHL teams are currently in California?
  9. How many NHL teams are currently in Canada?
  10. A Hat trick is 3 goals scored by how many players in one game?

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