My Beautiful Mistake

This is just kind of an intro type thing to figure out what people would like for me to make a story of or write about. I love to write and all I need is a subject and an audience.

Please make sure to tell me if you want me to make a story of this. Cool ideas. Do you want me to write it in a type of letter or like a diary entry type of thing. Maybe just a full on story. I don't know just comment and tell me what you would like.

Created by: Samantha2332

  1. Dear Beautiful Mistake, I thought I loved you, but what does a stupid teenager like me know about something like that?
  2. You were the lyrics to every Ed Sheeran song on the radio. I wanted you to kiss me like you want to be loved; I wanted to build your Lego house; most of all I wanted to be in love when you wake me up.
  3. Now you're my Taylor Swift. You have me lying on the cold hard ground; you're my picture to burn. Maybe I knew you wouldn't stay with me.
  4. Somehow your sudden disappearance was predictable. It seems you never cared. I was just a side flirt while you strived for the tall blonde who is disgusted at the sight of you.
  5. I hate cliches but I guess we all want what we cannot have. For me it's you and for you it's her.
  6. Waiting around is agonizing, but watching you chase after another is worse. Why did I stick around for so long? Am I still sticking around after this?
  7. Why did I even try in the first place? We are total opposites and would never work out even if we tried. I am such an idiot.
  8. If you want this to become a series comment and let me know it would come out quick
  9. Make sure to comment yes or no with suggestions if yes please! Maybe names or small details or something like that. Be creative and spontaneous.
  10. Okay that was the end! Thank you for reading this far. Please stick around. I love to write and I'm just trying to figure out what to write for you guys! If you have any suggestions for something you would like someone to write about just comment and tell me that as well! Thank you!

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