Pantala WOF love story (for girls) Part 2: The Message

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Welcome again to the Pantala love story! I hope you like the first original characters, because they are coming back in a whole new story! Pantala has received a message from the Icewings that declares war!

Please comment on who you got and what you think of the quiz, if there is something wrong, please write it in the comments so I can see and edit my mistake. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: FangFire

  1. Soon after the meeting on Pantala, you find Arke flying towards your ____ in the kingdom of _____. "_____!" he calls your name. "I have bad news and good news! Good news, I figured out that I am a Icewing/Silkwing, bad news, the Icewings have sent a message to Pantala that is a sign of war! The queens are going to partner us with a dragon who they think we can fight well with, I was wondering if you would participate in the battle?" What do you think you should do?
  2. Turns out you don't have a choice. "The Icewings will be attacking all the other tribes once they finish killing us, please help!" (you go back to Pantala by some animus-touched thing, I have heard about the whole "animus magic doesn't work" thing, but let's just forget that! This is a different world than the books!) You go to the new Silkwing palace(again, MY WORLD) and go to the queen. She says that you will have to stay here for a while before she decides who to partner you with. You soon notice that Silver(I forgot to mention Silver is still wingless, I know the picture showed wings last time, but forget that too!), Tortrix, and Nightshade had also gone to the Silkwing palace to be partnered. What do you think of this?
  3. You go to your room in the palace, but on your way find Tortrix being lead to the 4th class room, with only a small cot and one unlit lamp. "You give ME of all dragons a 4th class dump like this!" he yells at the silkwing who lead him there. You walk behind him, afraid that he will hurt the silkwing. What do you do to stop him?
  4. Another guard ends up solving the Tortrix problem before you can and you are left to continue to your room. You fly along the halls when you see Arke, sitting by himself, staring sadly into the distance. What do you think he is sad about and why?
  5. Before you can do anything, ArkeYou continue flying to your room when you see that Silver is in the training camp, and having lots of trouble with it. You fly down to investigate why Silver of all dragons was training. What do say/what advice do you give him?
  6. The training center is then closed and you CONTINUE TO CONTINUE CONTINUING going to your room. Yet, another problem awaits. Nightshade, like Arke seems to be very sad. And like Arke, why do you think Nightshade is sad?
  7. You FINALLY come to your room and realize stopping to help the others took all day long, you have 1 hour before you should sleep, who do you hang out with?
  8. You walk to the door (unless you chose myself) but an Icewing leaps from the window and barrels into you, not on accident. "I caught the ___wing that was helping you were talking about, her name is ____, right?" The Icewing says to his partner. Which of these types of dragons would you chose to save you?
  9. The queen ends up saving you and capturing the Icewings as hostages. Afterwards, the queen calls all of the dragons to a meeting. You notice that the queen looks sad but also a little happy. What do you think the meeting is for?
  10. The queen announces, "I have gathered you here because all of the events that happened last night were tests to see who would be partnered with ___ of the ____wings, she would obviously do great in the battle and I wanted to make sure she had the best partner. The rest of you will be partnered with somebody else. Her partner is.......

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