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  • Good for you. 42%. 42%

    You might've checked some reference websites, but good job on completing the quiz. Good effort on completing the quiz. I give you my congratulations.

    I didn't check any website. I study music. Plus, I am sure that the creator of this quiz used a website (or multiple websites) to find the information to create this quiz.

  • 18%.... how the heck do you expect people to know these dumb--- 1000 year old question?? I don't know who knows these questions except for people born in the 15th 00 century.

  • I got 26% and it said I probs looked some stuff up on the internet well f you im a grade 6 theory student -.-

  • This quiz was awesome! I got 21% and it said I probably looked some stuff in the internet and I didn't! Anyways, I am in 6th grade, so BAM WHAT :DDDDDDDD


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