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Ok. As you read in the title, this is Minecraft quiz. You will meet 15 questions. Some are easy and some are hard. Can you do it? Good luck!!! Yeah!

There is a score here. There is bad, not bad, good, very good, excellent, very excellent, and superb. Try to take best score (which is superb). Now, go!!!

Created by: LittleBoy
  1. What was the new water mob in Minecraft 1.17.
  2. Which mob can help you find a shipwreck?
  3. If you shot by Elder Guardian, what effect you will have?
  4. What slime do?
  5. What you need to spawn another ender dragon?
  6. What can lead you to Stronghold?
  7. Can you craft trident? (Without mod)
  8. What make a zombie become drowned?
  9. What moon slime will spawn?
  10. What will make a mooshroom turned light brown?
  11. What is the most efficient pickaxe?
  12. What is the enemy of Piglin?
  13. What is the name for 1.17 update?
  14. What is husk specialities?
  15. What stray do?

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