Mind Tricks Part 1

Character contest !!! I'll make a new quiz with all requirements and team names :) but be creative ! anyway enjoy my quiz :) xx god too much typing . Tell me what you think next part will be better I promise

Character contest !!! I'll make a new quiz with all requirements and team names :) but be creative ! anyway enjoy my quiz :) xx god too much typing . Tell me what you think next part will be better I promise

Created by: Svengali

  1. "Say what you want I'M NOT GOING !" I shouted at my dad "Look _____..." he started I cut him off " You Try to send me to a camp every year it's like you just can't wait to get rid of me ! " I raised my voice at the end . "Tuff your 15. Your going weather you like it or not " he said and walked out the room . Great I'm doomed to camp weather I like it or not . Why do they want me gone for 6 months anyway ? Do they even care . Second thoughts at least there's no maths . Or any other schooling . I guess it won't be that bad in some respects.
  2. *Four days later* "______ GET IN THE CAR" my  mother yelled over the hail stone " MUM THERE IS HAILSTONE SO HARD IT'S BROKE A WINDOW MABY WE CAN JUST HOLD OFF CAMP?"  that's when I was picked up from behind by my dad . Then I was put in the Jeep "that's an AMBUSH I should call the police " I stated. " I'm your dad it's NOT an ambush " . He started the car . It was quiet . Really quiet . Camp was about 100 miles away down 30 MPH country roads so it was going to take about 4and a half hours soo I got out my iPad . I love my IPad I'm going to marry it soon I'm sure we spend every day and every hour together . N ... . Four hours later we pulled into a huge iron gate . My mum was talking on the phone the whole ride but my dad was silent .  It was like a forest there were trees everywhere and everything built was made out of wood .it was beautiful. Fenced off was a massive waterfall  it was pure blue. There were loads of flowers around the side of the fall and on the other side of the waterfall were more pine trees  . Just where the river started there was a hut . It was made out of wood , properly pine .  I looked underneath my feet after observing that . The grass was green , I mean lime green . This place would be better use as a wildlife sanctuary . Then I looked straight at all the children. There was a massive mix of girls and boys . Just there must have been at least 2000 children and everyone was between the age of 12-16 . Then the jeep boot closing brought me back to reality I looked over at my dad . Well he's my step dad and boy did he look happy I was going . He then dumped the bags where everyone else's were and sat in the car . My mum came up to me "Be good ok sweetie ?"  she said  "I'll miss you mum " I said hugging her "Bye" she said handing me a box wrapped up. It was rectangular . "What's this?" I asked " we will send you a letter telling you to open it ". And with that she walked back to the Jeep and sped off
  3. "Wow that guy really do sent like you does he ?" said a female voice from above " Who said that " I asked . Suddenly there was a giggle and a girl jumped down from a tree and landed infrount of me . "I'm Toni , Toni Anne  and you are ?" she asked . She had Strange hair it was brown but It was a mixed dark brown and light brown . She also had brown eyes . I was guessing she was my age but her size she was about 6ft and she wasn't even warring heels . " I'm errm ______" I said "Nice to meet YOU" she shouted the last part because a whistle blew " We should start going time for the teams to choose the leaders " Toni said "Teams ? Leaders ? Wait what ?" she had already started walking so I jogged to catch up "Your new aren't you?" she observed  " What gave me away ? The lack of enthusiasm or the lack of knowledge "  you said sarcastically  "You want the truth or do you want me to spare your feeling ?" she said with the same amount of sarcasm . We then joined the back of the crowd leading up to a big stage .
  4. " Hello there boys and girls and welcome back to Camp Perrormount " started the girl on stage . She was about 35 years old . " This years cap tins will be chosen earlier than normal this year , or should I say now ! Our 14 teams have all had entries . I think we will start with boys  , or team dragon to be exact . The leader this year will be ..... J.J!" then a boy came up on stage . You were at the back so you couldn't see him very well but from what you could see he had brown hair and green eyes He looked quite muscular aswell "The next team we will announce the leader of is the .... Wolves  ! " the woman announced . I turned to Toni "What team are you in ?" I asked her . "The cats " she replied " but so is she " she carried on pointing to a blonde wearing way to much makeup she looked really ugly but yet there were a whole load of boys round her . Her skirt was so short I was kinda wondering if it was even worth putting on . Let alone her White see through shirt . " What's her name ?" I asked "Jezzabelle" Toni said "Alough I prefer to call her Jizzabelle cuz she really pi**es me off " She did not look happy with 'Jezzabelle' but I couldn't help but laugh at what she called her . " Theleader for Wolves this year will be Ryan Gillary ! " said the woman 'Ryan' got up on stage  he had shaggy blonde hair and a smile to die for his eyes were Green and he was just  as - if not more muscular than 'J.J' 
  5. . I heard a giggle "You like him don't you" Toni said "Why does it matter?" I replied "That's Jezzabelle's boyfriend " she giggled . Then you saw Jezzabelle look round with cold icey blue eyes at the mention of 'Jezzabelle' and 'Boyfriend' in the same sentence . She said something to her little sheep and started walking towards me and Toni amazingly alone .
  6. "Hello there " she said to me . Her voice was soooo squeaky listening to a squeaky toy would have sounded better "Errm hi" I said "I'm Jezzabelle I've never seen you around here before what's your name " she asked trying to sound sweet but if anything it was just intimidating  " I'm errm _____" I said she then looked away from me and behind me "Oh well _____ I see you've met the camps annual stray " she said referring to Toni I looked round to see Toni's lip rising by every word she said . She looked like she was somehow feeling threatened yet she could rip her apart limb from limb . "You shouldn't talk to her she has issuses why don't you hang around with me ?" Jezzabelle asked " it's my first day I think I will make frendship decisions when I know you a little better " I said to her "I see well see you later _____ and thing I guess I'll see that around later ." That's when Toni jumped infrount of me and pounced on Jezzabelle this was going to be a cat fight , littarally
  7. They were snarling biting scratching and kicking yet there was no punching witch was quite perculiour . You didn't know what to do so you kinda just stood there with a wired look on your face "Ok break it up girls " said a voice from behind me. The a boy picked Toni off Jezzabelle  and held her tight by her waist no matter how much she kicked  and clawed he didn't let go then Ryan appeared and picked up Jezzabelle . She was crying but you could tell it was fake and she pushed her head right up into Ryans chest "Keep that filthy stray away from me !" she said crying mascara running down her face everyone just gaverd round baffled at what just happened I looked at Toni , her usual brown eyes were blood red And she had a huge cut from her left eyebrow down to her cheek "Calm down" said the boy holding Toni since she was still struggleing " Calm down ? Why can't I rip that little bi*** to pieces!" she snarled at Jezzabelle witch made her hold on to Ryan even more . I wanted to help but these guys have known each other since they were 12 and I hardly know Toni or Jezzabelle so i stood there kinda baffled. I noticed they had stopped announcing team leaders and everyone was looking at those two . "Howard let go of me !" Toni shouted at the guy who was holding her . He had black hair covering his right eye but his other eye was Violet "No , Ryan you might want to take Jezzabelle elsewhere before they both kill each other " said 'Howard' . Ryan nodded and put his arm down to his side and walked off . Jezzabelle followed Howard then relieved Toni from his grip. " Miss Termone , what was that?" asked the lady that was on stage earlier "That's what I've wanted to do for a while " Toni replied giving a death glare to anyone who was looking at her " well thanks to your little row you both have curfues for 8:30 for a fortnight " said the woman and walked off.
  8. When everyone's attention was drawn else where Toni and Howard ran off into the woods . Curious of what was going on I followed carefully and quietly "Are you trying to get killed or something you've hardly just changed and your fighting people who have been changed since 12!" said the voice I recognised as Howards " I'm much more powful than her  if she wanted to fight properly I could have taken her on!" she said circling Howard like a lion does a Zebra  " Look Toni , just be careful" Howard replied . That's when I stepped on a twig and they both looked round to the tree I was standing behind . " Who's here ?" Toni asked . I just stood still after that fight she had I didn't want to get on her bad side . " it's properly just a doe I can smell one somewhere near there " Howard mentioned . " Anyway back to our conversation I'm NOT scared of Jezzabelle so just don't worry ok babe ?" Toni said to Howard . "Just be careful " he repeated . "I will " Toni stated and ran back to camp . I was just about to walk off when I felt a hand go over  my mouth " Shshsh I won't hurt you " said a male voice he releced his grip and let go of me 
  9. It was Howard " How much of that did you hear ?" he asked Leaned up against a tree " All of it " I said looking down " You know it's rude to listen in right?" Howard asked  you just nodded " So what's your name then ?" he asked "_____" I stated " Nice name " he said smiling his smile was soo cute I just wanted to kiss him there and then but that would be creepy. "You should get back first day here and getting in trouble , that's 6 months of people hating you I'd know " said Howard "How did you know I was new " then I  heard a voice in my head 'how do you explain this' asked the voice "See you later _____" he said in flesh and skin and ran off leaving me alone in the forest . So I walked back.
  10. "...For cat is Jezzabelle Simpson !" announced the woman on stage . I walked up to Toni " what's going on?" I asked  she just looked at me" Jezzabelle has just been chosen as the leader for my group " she said through gritted teeth . As I looked up on stage Jezzabelle was giving Toni a look an evil one of Which Toni was returning. They did not get along and you could see it from a mile away . "We have a new person joinning camp this year , you know who you are " can we get the bowl up here ?" she asked . There was a bowl of gold with 7 papers in (You were closer to the front now ) the woman put her hand in " The new person is a girl and so will be sorted into ...."
  11. Well that's it for part one , the Teams for girls are Cats , Horses , Badgers , Bunnys , Geraffes , Polar Bears or Sloths . What team do you wanna be ? Say in comments !
  12. Also after this I'm making another quiz called ' Character contest . It will say Character contest {Svengali}. Please enter ! You can enter as manny times as you want :) Requirements on that page winners announced in part 2

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