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Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. Okay you follow Jack through the woods. After a while you lose track of him and don't know how to get back. Then it starts to rain. You feel soft wet fur on your hand. You look and see Jack. He nudges you to move. "Come on Amy lets get you out of the rain." He said. "Why are you walking in the woods by yourself?" You ask him. "I was looking for Drew but I couldn't find him. Now lets get going. Its going to start thundering." You follow him. You look ahead and see the cabins. Jack turns human and leads you to your your cabin. "Stay here okay?" he said. You nodded and he left back into the woods. A hour past and Clare walks in "Do you know where Jack is?" she asked. "He walked into the forest to look for Drew." You say. She nodded and said "Okay, then he'll be fine. So what are you doing here by yourself?" She asked sitting ong the bed next to you. "Nothing, but can I ask you a question." You say. "Yeah, what do you want to know?" She asked. "Well what do you do if you like a guy but your not sure what he says is true?" You asked. "I would try to find out more about him, like look into his history and such. Why? Do you feel that way towards Drew?" She said. "Yes, do you know about his history?" You asked. "Not really except that he's been feeding on girls around here for the past week. At least thats what we smell when every we go to the camp sites." Clare said. "Is that all?" You nodded.
  2. You and Clare talk more and you found out that she's pretty cool. She's vary agile and fast but can't run that long like the others. "We each have our specialtys. We all fight together. The pack is always strong!" She said. "Hey Clare, do you like Jack?" You asked. She looked at you "He's pretty good looking, strong and fast. I use to like him but I don't have a crush on him. To me he's like a brother. And me and him are going to be the new leaders of the pack. So having him as a husbin is kinda weird." She said. You smiled at the face she made thinking about it. "Does he like you?" You asked. "No he doesn't. You can tell by the wolf's personality. If the wolf is shy and quiet they would try to act tough and show off their true great strength. If they are usually a jerk they would act all nice and romantic towards you. Thats all the wolves I met tried to do to me in my old pack." Clare stretched "Other then that it could be really hard to tell if the wolf doesn't change their personality. But there is sometimes in the past when a wolf will just move from wolf to wolf. That is known as a lone wolf. They are young males or old ones who don't wana start a pack. They meet a female and next thing you know they are off and the female is left with a new pup! Sometimes they stay at schools in human form. People would sometimes know them as players. Or studs. But when you see one you better bet that the girls go all over them." Clare said.
  3. "Well I guess thats my school's whole football team." You laughed. She smiled. You two kept on talking until night fall and you left to the big cabin to eat. You had fun with everyone. You all talked and the food was good. It was fun with this pack of wolves. You almost forgot all about Drew. Almost....
  4. You hang out with everyone each day. Nada was a really good mom and she was married to Brad. Jero was the lone wolf that joined the pack. He had a lot of adventures. Jack was a pretty sweet guy and you had a lot of things in comon. Clare became like your sister and you guys talked to each other about everything. The little kids were cute when they tried to be like big wolves. You liked the pack and enjoyed everyone. You start to forget about your relatioship with Drew and ove on from him.
  5. Days past and so does fall. It slowly turns into winter and the forest is covered by hills of snow. It was a winter wonderland(get it?)Your having a snow ball fight with everyone and its a battle field out there. Not kidding, you poke your head out once and boom! Snow in your face, its a every wolf for themself. You try to sneak over to Clare's snow fort but you get buried with snow when Jack bumps the tree and snow falls on top of you. You make yourself a little fort out of that and throw a snow ball right where Clare was. But she wasn't there. In fact no one was there any more. You get up and your tackled by the little kids in their puppy forms. "Dog pile!" The laugh. You look around and your tackled by Clare and Jack. You all laugh and Brad and Nada attacks all of you with snowballs. Your having a great time. You got up and everyone just stared at the same direction. There stood Drew.
  6. "Hi....." He said. "What are you doing here?" Jack asked as he stood up. "To get Amy back" He said. "You no good blood sucker will not get Amy!" Said Adam the black haired boy with purple eyes(Looks like naoi's twin brother when they were kids) "Kids get inside." Siad Nada and the kids ran away to their cabin. "Look I never ment Amy no harm okay? We were just making out okay. He stepped forward. "We smelled your sent at the other sites too. You know the ones with people dead and their blood all sucked dry." Said Jero. "That was not me! I didn't kill them!" Drew said. "Ha! Like we cant smell. We can smell farther then a bear you know!" Clare said. "Look all I want is Amy. Okay?" He stepped forward and everyone got tensed. Drew stepped back and a couple of people came from behind him. One had long white hair and he was wearing a suit. "Ah! Our little friendly neighbor the wolves. How good it is to see you!" He smiled. "Here give us the girl and we'll get out of your little play area okay." He said. "No" Jack said. The man sighed. You look at the sun it was starting to set and the moon started to rise. "Look we don't want to hurt any of you little pups." The guy teased.
  7. "Why don't you let her decide?" Brad said. He looked at you and you walked to the middle. "So do you choose to be with Drew or the flea bags." Said the guy. Jack got mad and Brad and Jero had to hold him back from starting a fight. "I uh....." You say. You still like Drew but he left you for months and you like your new little family. Do you still like Drew? Or do you want to stay with the pack?
  8. The sun was now gone and the guy smiled. Then a couple more people came out. They had swords and guns. "Kill the disgusting wolves." They charged and the pack came and turned into wolves and started to charge at them. The pack worked so well together. Jack was fast and strong and Clare was quick and aglie. Nada worked quickly and Jero had a strong bite. Brad was strong, quick and aglie. They seemed like they were winning then you hear a gun shot. You see Clare fall down and try to stand. Her leg was bleeding. You tried to run to her to help her when you were dragged away by more people. They felt cold and they were strong. "Vampires" The word echoed in your head. The vampires soon started to leave. Jack charged from behind with Jero. They almost got to you but then the vampires jumped from the trees and started to stab at them. Jero left back to the pack and the vampires left the nonmoving ashy brown wolf there bleeding.
  9. You got dragged out of the forest and into the city. You got pushed into a room thats at a big mansion of pretty much the most richest guy in the city. You looked at the nice luxurious room with a queen size bed,(no dirty thoughts people) and a big walk in closet and a balcony and (Imagine the biggest vary exspensive romantic room ever.). It was a nice room. You looked out the balcony and saw the forest was not too far away. Your eyes teared up when you saw the pack got hurt in your memories. There was just too many vampires for a small pack like them to handle. The vampires also had swords and guns. It wasn't much of a fair fight.
  10. The door opened and Drew came in. "Hi Amy......" He said with a small smile. "Hi? Hi? Is that what you got for bringing all of the vampires to attack the pack like that?" You say. "Look I came here back to my home to find a way to get you back and I was just hoping that you would come with me but I guess my father and his friends fallowed me. I didn't know that they did." He said innocently. "Did you even see what your dad and his FRIENDS did to them? It wasn't a fair fight. They only had their wits, claws and jaws! Your fathers friends had guns and swords....." You just cried. You didn't cry in his arms though. You sat on the bed and had your hands covering your face. Drew put his cold arms around you and said "I'm sorry..." Then you said "And you left......you left without a word....." You say hugging him. You just missed him and you just needed to hug someone.
  11. Hi! Thats the end of part 3! Part 4 will be out soon!

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