Midnight Love (Part 8)

Hey Gotoquiz user its me Beautiful Games here. Just to let you know I made sure that part 8 would be out so its very short and part 9 of course won't be out anytime soon.

Midnight Love(Part 9) is very short but there is a bit of some romance and a flashback from someone's past life time is in here so Enjoy please and comment or rate if possible. :)

Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. Your POV: "Than RUN!!" Ethan screamed as I see him running behind Rio,Tariq and some red headed guy running toward you guys. I threw Chris over my shoulder since he was out cold apparently from the uv exposer. The 2 guard came flying to use but I compled them say, "Stop you don't want to hurt us were not the enemy they are." I said pointing to Bertina & Mamoru. "S--- Run" Bertina said to Mamoru while she started running then Mamoru after her. I ran out with Piyali and saw a huge field that had dirt no grass at all and a grey van parked to the left with what looked liked enough sitting for everyone. "Piyali look over there hurry" I said while running over there carring Chris. "I 'll drive ." Tariq said coming right behind Piyali. I opened the door in the back and there was 8 seats perfect for all of us. Tariq put Sitara in the front passenger seat with hr right next to him. I was in the back sitting next to Chris, Rio with Trinana, Piyali sat with Ethan and was flirting with him they made a beautiful couple togther and Trina with that red headed guy. "Tariq hurry please?" Trinana asked. "Okay going". He said while backing up. We barely made it on the road because the gates almost locked us in but we made it to a road were there was alot of trees on each side I forgot we were in the forest.
  2. We where on the road for had to have been a hour at lease and I changed into a human after we left that hell whole earlier and thankfully everyone was okay. Trinana was talking to Rio and was having fun, Piyali was cuddling with Ethan whiched looked so sweet, Sitara was holding Tariq's right hand while he was driving and I guess they were just talking and Trina was kissing red headed guy who is apparently Josiah when I heard Trina say it a little while ago. Chris was asleep still he looked so peaceful as a sleeping vampire I wanted him up to talk to but I was so tried I kissed Chris once on his cold lips and leaned my head to his and asleep to hearing it starting to rain outside it was so soothing and peaceful it was alot easier to fall asleep now and the everything went black.
  3. Chris's POV: August 17,1858 it was a sunny day in the town of Hallow and I was walking to the market since today was vegetablee and need some for a stew. "Well hello there Mrs. Wietar how is the day treating you? I asked. "Oh just fine Chris just heading to the town square what about you?" Mrs.Wietar asked. "Need vegetables for my famous stew Misses Wietar." I said. "Well I should probably hurry to the market before they close still have a long journey to go." I said. "Oh yes thats right well see you later and say hi to your mother for me Chris." Mrs. Wietar said. "Will do bye"I said while runming until I tried and walked the rest of the way there. When I go there it almost close to 6 maybe but at lease I got there. I ran to the market and bumbed into a women who must have been 17 she was so young and beautiful she had long straight black hair, pale skin and grey eyes her dress was was grey and had her hood on put the stictches were black. "My lady I am so sorry please excuse me as I go get some vegetables it's very importan that I do" I said. "It's fine you may go and I accept your apologize sir." She said then walked away into the crowd and vanishing into thin air like that. I got my vegetables and was walking for a long time after that in Hallow.
  4. I was carring the basket of vegetables when there was a snab of a twig far from me that made a echo in the woods. "Hello is there anyone there?" I said. I then saw a shadow running in front of and behind at a speed that was humanly impossible. Just as I started walking faster a figure came running past me disappearing and I was bit on my left wrist and fell to the ground dropping all my vegetables on the twigs in so much pain it was burning inside me and then everything went black. I woke up to some sort of sheleter made out of rock and was so hungry something felt different but what was it? Then a goose came by walking right in front before I knew it the goose was dead on the ground and I was eating its inside and threw everything from the gooses body on it and ran far far away from Hallow.
  5. Your POV: I woke up to see everyone was sleeping but Ethan was driving and Piyali was sitting in the passenger sit sleeping and Tariq and Sitara toke there seats in the back. Ethan had the radio on to very low to Too Close by: Alex Clare this was my favorite song and I would recongize it anywhere. "And it feels like I am just to close love you... there's nothing I can really say" Ethan sang along to. "I can't lie no more I can't hide no more got to be true to myself and it feels like I am just to close to love you so I will be on my way" I sang along with Ethan but I guess he didn't notice or see the fact that I am up. "Where am I who am I?" Chris said while waking up. "Hey there Sleeping Beauty how was your beauty sleep?" I asked. "Just fine and where the hell our we?" He asked while looking around in the van. "We handled things at Willa's castle and you passed out from the uv lights and I carried you to the car." I said. "I've always wanted to try one thing." Chris said while putting his forehead againist mine breathing a bit heavy I copied him moving my lips closer to him with my eyes close waiting. His cold rosey pink lips finally touched mine it gave me a chill at first but it was sweet and made me wanting more. My hands automaticly went around his neck and his in my hair making the kiss so much better.
  6. I pulled away putting my forehead against his since I needed to breath and I was panting hard having no oxegon in body almost. "Get a room you." Ethan say looking in the rear view mirrior at us. "Oh fine Ethan we where done anyways." I said while looking at Chris. "Ethan your taking us to our second house right since we need better protection for Than? Chris said. "Yeah the one in Boston right Chris?" Ethan said. "Where going to Boston I haven't been there in 40 years." I said surprised at the location. "You use to live in Boston? Ethan asked. "Yeah thats were I was born and was turned." I answered Ethan. "Well we have 20 rooms in our mansion so there is enough room for all of us and some of them are training rooms where we can teaching you and the others if they want." Ethan said. "Where almost there at lease another 15 hours." Ethan said. "Great." Chris said sarcasticly. "I've never wanted you more." I said while looking at Chris then I just hugged him.
  7. CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!?!?!
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