Midnight Love (Part 6)

Hello Gotoquiz users its me Beautiful Games here I just finished right now making Midnight Love Part 6 please take it and Enjoy my quiz I hope you can and do.

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Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. "Okay so I guess we should get ready soon it's 5:10 now Chris." I said while looking at him with those beautiful blue/grey eyes of his. "Um I guess I am ready since you already dress me." Chris said. "Okay well I need to shower since I smell like your blood." I said while getting up. Chris grapped my wrists after I had gotten up & said, "Do you some company?" with a smile. "Hmm as tempting as it sounds I think next time would be better." I said in a flirty voice as I walked away getting some clothes from my closet.
  2. I grapped a black shirt that said Hunger Games with the Mockingjay on it and black skinny jeans with black boots. And jumped in my hot shower. After I finished and got dress I checked my phone it was 5:40 pm. I went into my bedroom to see Chris watching Being Human on Syfy. "You know I hate that they changed the name it pissed me off when they did Syfy what the hell is that Sci-fi was better." Chris said while still watching Being Human. "Yeah I know right I got pissed off when they did too." I said. "So Chris how old where you when you got turned into a vampire?" I asked. "Sorry Aiden just reminded me of it." I said (Btw: Being is a show about a ghost,vampire, and a werewolf living in the same house togther Aiden is the vampire on the show, Sally is a Ghost and Josh the Werewolf its on Syfy.)
  3. "21 and a half about." Chris said. "How old were you?" Chris asked now looking at me and turning the tv off. "21 as well but maybe like a month after how old are Chris sorry just curious in vampire years?" I said. "It's okay I am 154 years old been around for a while." Chris said. When I finished putting eyeliner on Chris was right behind me smiling at me big. "What?" I said after turning around. "Your just the most Beautiful Creature I have ever seen Than." Chris said while looking straight into my eyes. "Everything about you is beautiful." Chris said. He looked Beautiful as well but how do I really feel about him? Do I like him or no it can't be that other feeling most people have is it beyond the word of like?
  4. "I think we should go Chris." I said then got my leather jacket from my closet. "Okay fine Than." Chris said a bit sad. We started walking out but before I opened the door I turn around grapped Chris from the neck and kissed his soft lips. He kissed back and put his hands on my waist pulling me in closer to him a bit more then I was. I toke my hand out of his hair and stopped kissing him our lips were maybe a inch apart. "Can you teleport us to Trina's please Chris?" I asked. "Sure hold on Than." Chris said before he did. Then we where in Trina's Living room where I saw Chris as a Vampire for the first time knowing it.
  5. "Chris look away for a second I need to change into a vampire okay?" I asked. "Yeah fine." Chris said closing his eyes. Then I changed into a vampire and playfully bit Chris on the neck. "Really Than you could do better then that." Chris said in a mocking voice while opening his eyes. "Oh I know where just at someone elses house Chris don't tease me Gilmore." I said. (btw: Again if you have seen the show Gilmore Girls thats where its from other wise too much explaining about it.)
  6. "Hey Than Chris your just on time." Trina said coming from the kitchen with a glass of water. "Oh well where are Trinana & Sitara?" I asked. "There out togther with there soulmate." Trina said with a mocking tone. "Oh well lets just forget them its there lost you look amazing by the way." I said. I meant ever word she wore a green dress that matched her eyes with a black strip across in the middle with a leather jacket on and witch shoes and her hair was straight not wavy. "Yeah you look smoken" Chris said. "So lets go." Trina said putting her glass of water on a table. "Okay I will teleport us to No Limits its a famous club." I said before teleporting us. Then in a second where behind a clud in a alley and its dark at night with a rat runniing across to a bunch of others. "Lets go." Chris said while pulling us to the front of the club. The sign was glowing red that said No Limits with a tall bouncer there. We were behind like 5 people before a crowd full was right behind us. "3 please" I asked the tall bouncer. "Here you may enter." He said in a very deep voice opening the door for us.
  7. There were everywhere a bar with tons of people drinking, dancing and getting down. Lights were going around crazy and Sexy & I know it by:LMFAO was on and everyone was dancing to it like crazy. "Hey lets head to the bar." I shouted out to them. We all walked over there for a drink. Trina had a Martini dry, Chris scotch and I order a Pina Colada. So Trina after a few drinks decided to go and party without and look for a hot guy. Well she sis I guess because it looked like she was then a second later was gone. 'Chris are you having fun?" I asked telepathicly. "No it's realy boring now at this day and age people just don't act proper and very wild and drunk all day."
  8. "Chris do you wanna head out?" I asked. "Yeah please." Chris said. I checked the girls bathroom because maybe she was in there throwing up. But when I was at the door I kept hearing noises. Someone was moaning and panting with a guiy in there. It was Trina with a guy in there I was shocked since this is something she never does. I ran through the crowd of crazy kids and said to Chris, "Yeah its just going to be us Trina is getting down and dirty." "Oh well lets get going." Chris said as he was holding my hand so that he knew I was right behind him. Then we where out behind the alley way and before I knew it he pushed me up next the wall kissing my lips hard but yet passionate about it. I just put my arms around his neck and was kissing back. But before I knew it Chris and I were on the floor someone shoot us in the neck and before I knew it everything was all black.
  9. I woke up to my hands being tied up and legs to with rope I couldn't get out of them since I was a human but how and Damn my head hurts bad. I was in the back of a van with Chris,Trinana, Rio and Sitara everyone was out still but Sitara. "Sitara where are we?" I whisper in a panic voice moving closer to her. "In the back of some van I was in the bathroom with Trinana when someone pinched my neck and everything went black." Sitara said whispering.
  10. "Where the hell am I? Rio said. Then Chris started waking up and sat up. "Damn it where going to the castle aren't we." Sitara asked Chris. "Yeah I bet they have everyone else in another van right behind us taking us there right now as we speak Sitara man I should have seen this coming sooner then later. Chris said worried. "Who is there and why are they taking us?" Rio asked Sitara. "Well you see since we are all supernatural beings this lady Willa wants to take all of our powers from us and get more power to kill every good supernatural being thats out there and especially Than." Sitara said. "Why me?" I asked worried in a shocked voice. "Because you have the most powers out of every supernatural being ever been created. You have more power then anyone most creatures have at lease 4 but you have 7." Sitara said
  11. "What I only know 5 of my powers Sitara." I said panicing. "Calm down look I am sure we can find out once we escape from here." Sitara said. "Are you okay Than?" Trinana asked. "Yeah besides someone wanting me dead everything is peachy Trinana thanks for asking." I ansered sarcasticly. Then the car stopped all of a sudden. When the guys came behind the door open to a forest but I knew how they where it was Holler and brown eyes. "Mamoru get everyone out the van and then we can carry them there Willa doesn't want any of them hurt yet." Holler said. Mamoru had golden brown eyes with brown hair and was tan I have no idea what supernatural creature he is thought. "Okay fine but I have to care the girls since I am only human after all." Mamoru said while pulling Chris, Rio, Trinana, Sitara then me out of the van before closing it and we were all on the ground.
  12. CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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