Midnight Love (Part 3)

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Hello fellow Gotoquiz users and readers my name is Beautiful Games and I hope you enjoy Midnight Love (Part 3) if you have taken part 2 or 1 please press my name and do so now first before you take this quiz.

(Recap) Than Grimm which is you in Midnight Love was going to a friends house named Trina and you her sister Trinana hugged you as soon as you walk and said she had friends over when you turned around you say Chris and Ethan now lets continue.... (BTW) I was going to put Rio in here but my fingers have a mind of there own & didn't want him in this part but you will in part 4.

Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. "Than it's why are your eyes a different color?"."What are you?" Ethan said. Before I could answer Chris did for me. "She's Human Ethan" Chris said in a shocked voice. Before I answered Trinana said, "Wait you know Ethan & Chris how?" Trinana said. "I met them when I was walking Chris bumped into me and Ethan was calling Chris's name out like a fool" I said. "Hey" Ethan said a bit hurtful. "Sorry its true you can even ask Chris."I said. "Yeah its true." Chris said trying not to laugh.
  2. "Who's that?" I said moving my head up so they could know who I was talking about which was the girl. "I'm Sitara sorry I was going to tell you after you finished speaking to Ethan & Chris." Sitara said. Sitara had long red hair that stop at the middle of her back, light peachy skin and violet eyes. She wore a navy colored shirt on with a jean jacket, dark jeans and black boots.
  3. *Crash* then glass started breaking from the kitchen. When this happened I changed into a vampire and everyone was blinded by my light should have gave them a warning. "Oops sorry guys" I said. "My eyes my eyes." everyone yelled out. "Sorry." I said again.
  4. Then 2 guys dressed in all black come in and had punch Ethan & Chris in the face. The only thing you could see was there eyes 1 of them had red eyes he had to have been a vampire because when you drink live this sort of frenzy begins & its almost impossible to stop & the other guy had beautiful golden brown eyes. When I saw them, I ran to Trina's Room grab her from her desk & ran back to the living room were everyone was her wavy light brown hair got in my face a little when I grab her.
  5. "Trina I need you to freeze time before the 2 guys kills anyone of us."I said."You now what I need Than." Trina said."Oh right" I said. Then Trina rolled up her long sleeve grey shirts she had on and I bite her wrist not too hard. "Oww" Trina said."Sorry" I said. Then I bite my wrist and put it on Trinas wrist were I bite her. So she could Freeze Time.
  6. Then all of a sudden everyone was stuck in motion of whatever they where doing. Sitara was running to the kitchen and she smelled like cotton candy so a Shape-Shifter. Trinana was a angel I guess she transformed in the little time they till now. Ethan was going to punch back the guy with golden brown eyes his fist was an inch away from his jaw. Chris had a knife in his hand ready to stab red eyes over there.
  7. I moved my wrist from Trina and we walked around looking at everyones it was funny to see there faces. "Trina chairs." I said. "On it."Trina said. Then I grapped the red eye guy and fixed his arms and legs like he would if he willingly wanted to sit and same thing with brown eyes. "Trina Rope." I said. "Got it." Trina said while handing the rope to me. I tied both mens hand and feets before Trina and I unfroze them. We both put our wrist on reds eyes wrist when he woke up trying to attack us.
  8. "I am going to kill you and you little friends too." Red eyes said. I toke off his mask so I could do what was needed for all of us. When I toke it off he didn't look so threating but beautiful. He had spikey white blonde red eyes with a scar near his right eye and pale skin of course. "Than do it now do it now!" Trina said in a panic. "Okay calm down." I told her. I got close to this guys face he didn't do anything but stare back at me in aww. "What's your name?" I asked seriously. "Holler" he said.
  9. "What does Holler mean?" I asked. "Caller of Death." Holler said. Before he could do anything to me Trina or the others I had to distract so I sat down on his lap & I kissed him hard so he would close his eyes he crinched at first then started kissing back when he did I opened my eyes & so did he then stopped the kiss. Trina's jaw was on the floor when I looked at her. I look into his red eyes & said, "You will leave this place & never come back forget why you ever came & who you met here you understand."
  10. When I said this his pupils dilated and when they finish I got off him untied him and left him 9 mile away from & left. I said the same thing to brown eyes but left his mask on. And we didn't have enough time until things were about to resume so I had to move fast. When I came back Trina was just sitting on the black leather couch waiting intil time came back. I remember Chris had a knife in his & got in from his grip & put it in the kitchen. I went to go look at Chris 1 last time before time was up until.
  11. Chris lauched for me and we started rolling on the ground because he thought I was Holler. "Hey there Stranger." I said smiling showing off my fangs. Before I could let him speak I tugged on his shirt and kissed him a bit hard he didn't resist at all then. I grapped Chris back and pushed it down a bit so our bodies were together now I didn't want it too stop but I had to get up so I made us roll over and now was on top of Chris.
  12. Chris didn't care but put his hand in my hair now he really was making this harder. I stopped kissing him and said, "Bye Chris." Then I ran fingers from my right hand on his face and got up to see Trina and Trinana giving me thumbs up and Ethan looking jealously at Chris when he got up too. Then I heard Katniss's Whistle I open my iphone to see that it was a text from Rio saying, "Hey Than its me I was thinking do you want to meet at my house in 30 minutes so we can hang out?" I replied back saying.
  13. Cliffhanger?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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