Midnight Love (Part 16)

Hey guys glad your still here if your readin this and I'm so happy to be writing this sorry I haven't been updated schools been busy like hell and Im home alone today so :)

Here is Part 16 of Midnight Love I hope you enjoy it and like what I put I this story and enjoy my awesome writing I know you love don't lie to your self.

Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. I hiked my way up to my campsite in Skil Forest. It winter now so there is a ton of snow here and you can't see the ground at all. But the forest is so beautiful with the trees everywhere and the frozn leaves look like ice crystals. This is my favorite time of the year and this will be the last time I ever be here so I am embracing it all in this final time. I went up to my camp. It was about the size of a Shed. But the inside oh man was it something. The ceilings where about as high as the sky could go. The room was pitch black and I could still see everything how it looked. The roof had bats flying all the place that would come out of the wall paper of they where startled which they are now since I came in. The carpet had roses all over the place black roses that came out if a introducer was there the shed didn't recognize but since I the owner it has never effected me before. White candles where ever were lite since I was commanding them too. As she smiles she removes the red rug toward the end of the hall and you see a trapped door there.
  2. Trina's POV: As I had discovered today Piyali was Preganent, Than was going to kill herself soon and Chris had slept with Than last night what more could you ask for in supernatural drama right? Wrong! And Willa well who knows where she could be. "Trina do you know where she could be?" Chris said in a rush while his eyes where looking puffy. "I have no clue this is going to be harder then wait!" I said "What is it?" Piyali said "I remember her telling me the strange women told her that she was to kill herself wherever she was turned." I said "Okay that's good." Ethan said. "Then we should...." Chris said. In a second a window broke and grey sphere ball was in the middle of the room. "What is that?" Piyali said pointing to it. "It's a...." Sitara said as she walked in with Tariq the smoke started rushing out of it and everyone started falling 1 by 1 then everything went blurrey when it was my turn to fall into the endless abist we call sleep with this sleeping gas.
  3. Willa's POV: After my feeding last night with Cole we discovered where those traders lived and planned a attack the nexts day. "Ready Willa?" Cole said "Yes." I said. And with that we were within 100 yards from there house and Cole shot the sleeping gas threw there window. "And how long again did you say the gas works for Cole?" I said with curiousuty. "10 days exactly from now no more or less." He said "Good." I was glad they would be out of my hair by then so we could plan on killing Than Grimm :) "So what would you like to do first Willa?" Cole said. "I have an idea." I kissed his lips that were a bit dry but, I didn't give a damn about it. "Willa wait," Cole said pulling away from me, "Not here let's go back to my places." He said "That sounds even better to me." I said while holding the collar of his shirt. "Alright lets go babe." He said. Then we walked away from the house and he kissed my cheek I was happy now for once in my life.
  4. Your POV: I moved the red rug I found and saw the same old stairs I've seen before it was the secret room I had in case a intruder tried coming in here. It was dimly lite with a tv and ps3 calling out my name but it's still in great condition with a mine fridge. I'm so tired I think I'll... "Than." A female voice said I looked all around the room and grabbed the knife that was still under the stairs "Who are you?" I shouted "Relaxes Than...." She said again, "Its only me." Then the women I saw 44 years ago was on my bed. "Guhhhhh." I said and dropped the knife. "What the hell are you doing here?" I said "I came here to warn you about a couple of things." She said "Tell me who you are?" I said "Okay." She the lifted up here hood and I could see her face it was my mother. "Mom." I said with years of tears coming out of my eyes. "Hi Than." She said. I walk over to give her a hug and fell right threw her and onto the bed. "What?' I said "I'm sorry but I can't hug you or vise versa I'm a ghost." She said "Well Im s happy to see you how long can you stay?" I said hoping it could be a while. "Not long the spirit world doesn't want me to stay but, Than you have to do this it's your destiny ever since's you were a little child." She said "Ok and what else mom?" I said sitting next's to her imagining that she was here in person. "And to let you know that I love you and I'm always watching over you no matter and I'm sorry this has to happen to you Than I wish I could have done something to stop it." She said sounding like she was about to cry.
  5. "It's okay mom I've learned to accept it and it's the right thing." I said and I tried hugging her but this time I didn't go threw her. "Mom." I said crying again. "Than!" She said hugging me even tighter. "The spirits are calling me I have to go." She said "Wait Mom?" I said "Yes honey?" She said. "Do you have any of that sleeping powder you use to carry on you?" I asked "Yes why?" She question, "I would like to use it right now." I said "Are you sure?" She asked "Yes I'm sure." I said. "Okay well lay down and remember the powder last you 10 days of knock out so you'll be sleeping like a baby okay sweetie." She said. "Yes Mom." I laid down on the bed and made my self comfortable. "Any last words Than?" She said. "I Love You Mommy." I said "I Love You too Than." She brushed my right cheek and kissed it lightly right after and sprinkled the powder over me and then everything turned black....
  6. Willa's POV: I wake up to see I'm on top of Cole and we are both completely naked but he's still sleeping so I fold my hands together and lay my head on top of my hands that are on his chest. He's so beautiful to look at I'm so lucky to have him nothing can distory this moment now. I can his heart beating and I love how soothing his breathing is it's causing me to go back to sleep now the comfort of it is so refreshing to know that he's there for me. "I love you Cole." I whisper barely so he can't hear it. And as I closely eyes to fall back to sleep I could have swearn he said as well, "I love you too Willa...." He said
  7. 10 DAYS LATER.....
  8. Your POV: I open my eyes to see that I'm still in the bed where I last spoke to my mom. I better turn on the tv to see what's happening? I grab the remote and put on CNN News since that's 1 of my favorite news channel. "Hurricane Sam has hit Florida hard leaving not so many alive here and could this mean the end of the world with tornados and blizzards happening everywhere? Reporting from Florida this is Carla." She said "Thank you Carla." The news guy said "Breaking News a wildfire has started up in California and there has been no water to be found anywhere is this the start of an apocalypse could there possible be a zombie 1 that might outbreak fast? Reporting from CNN News I'm David Morris." He said "Oh crap better go kill my self now." I said jumping off from my bed and walking all the way to the house where I was turned in the freezing cold.
  9. Piyali's POV: "Guh" I open my eyes and see that everyone is getting up slowly but what the hell happened? It was Willa of course! She had those spheres in her castle god knows how many years ago? The spirits told me as well where Than would be I just remember. I get up and shove Chris yelling, "I know where Than is!!!" I say "You do?" Everyone said that in room all at once. "Yeah come on guys I'll take you there but we have to hurry we don't have much time left she's about to wake up soon we might have 10 minutes maybe." I said "Alright everyone come on let's follow Piyali!" Chris said. Then we ran out the house going after Than my friend who I can't let die.
  10. Your POV: I was walking in a forest there was snow everywhere and it looked so beautiful. There was a cabinet just ahead all alone and looked old. Oh look it's was my house. I then walked in moved all the furniture to the left side of the room and grapped a cup. I grapped my pocket knife in my pocket and dig deep as I cut my wrist across and bleed slot in the cup. It was so cold, man this was one thing I hate about being human how sensitive they are. Then I drew my tattoo and triangle with a line in the middle and a circle on the inside in my blood. I then put the cup on a table and laid down in the middle and then I heard the door open, "Than!" It was Chris "God save my poor soul." I last said "No!" He yelled. I then stabbed my heart once like I finally did in all my dreams before just it didn't feel any different just more peaceful.
  11. CLIFFHANGER?!?!!
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