Midnight Love (Part 15)

Hey guys what's up how's it hanging? All that good stuff huh. Well I am so sorry for making this come out late been so busy at school and the first quarter is over. :)

Go Chiefs!!! Okay had to say that anyways just wanted to say how's it going hanging whatever you want to freaken call it come on hurry up man I hate intro

Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. Your POV: I had the same dream I have been having for days now. This what so called nightmare I keep having over and over again I think won't stop showing until I finish this thing I must do. Only 26 more days to go. Oh man this was getting brutal for me so much. I opened my eyes to see someone heading for the doors and could tell by there figure from the back it was Chris. ( I actually can do this with a lot of people it freaks me out when I am right which is like 99% of the time.) I was so happy to see him something inside me just made me get up quiet apparently grapped him and threw him across the bed. I jumped on him happy to see him. I kissed his soft lips that tasted like cherry and didn't stop until I forgot what I was doing to Chris. "Sorry." I said while getting off of him and sitting up on the bed right next to him. "It's okay Than I actually like it when you do that." Chris said while getting up. "Did you change me clothes? I asked. I could tell I had a long shirt on and that my crescent moon necklaces was on me. "Yeah I did like what you did for me now where even." Chris said while smiling big at the end proud of what he had did to me. "Wow Chris never knew you had that in you." I said then started clapping quietly but very sarcastically. "Why thank you." Chris said and gave a pow.
  2. I made us go back on the bed and I was on top laying down while playing with his hair. He was just playing with mine too and looking at me. "So..." Chris said. "Yeah..." I said then looked into his beautiful sky blue eyes. "What do you want to do today Than?" Chris said. "Um something with the twins?" I said questioning my answer toward his question. "Do you want to have a girls day?" Chris said. "I wasn't even thinking about it until now." I said. "So what should today just be a guy/girls day?" Chris said. "Yeah if you want?" I said. "Okay sounds fine I will go ask the guys and you can ask the girls." Chris sounded sad saying it. I bet he was sad that he had to leave without me and spend the day with guys.
  3. "You know what I think we should just go to a hotel stay there for a few days disappear and not tell anyone but leave a note at lease what do you say?" I said while staring at him. It's so hard for me to look at him sometimes I feel like he can stare into my soul but I still want to look and know does he truly like me? "That would make me so happy Than you have no idea let me just get a card so we can just go shopping if we need clothes?" Chris said. "Sure." I said happy to hear that. "And you can never have enough black clothes like us." Chris said near the door. *Laughs* "That's so true Chris lets go now I'll race you to the what's that hotel called....." I said. "The Boston Harbor." Chris said. "Yes." I said. "Race you there?" I said. "Your on!" Chris said. As Chris he ran o get his card and Than ran to the hotel...
  4. Willa POV: Than Grimm oh how I have been searching for her hundreds of years and now she is finally in grasp but, those foolish vampires are trying to find her I hardly believe those new born vampires could but it depends on them if I should kill them or not? I will keep Holler maybe he is good eye candy maybe he can be my lover? *knock, knock* "Willa!" said Cole. "Come in my room this better be important." I said. Cole has short black hair flawless skin and perfect white teeth. His chocolate brown eyes were perfect and his pupil kind off looked liked a cats eye. He is a wolf only 20 years old he is a great warrior but will see how long he last. "I heard from Holler they might have something in Boston after all they said it would take a few days and they where wondering if they could have a little break?" Cole said. "Sure only a week thought fine 2 but any longer then that I will personally come down there and rip there heads off along with Than." I said scowling. "Yes Willa." Cole said sounding nervous.
  5. "Now be gone before I rip your head off." I said with a small smile. "Sure you will." Cole said smiling as well. "Hey wanna go hunting now?" Cole said. "Sure sounds great actually." I said. "Let's head to the forest." We when out on my patio and jumped off the railing landing on the ground racing to the forest at full speed. "Time to strip." Cole said when we stop about in the middle of the forest. "The fun part." I said. They both toke off there clothes and transformed into there natural state of form a wolf . Willa has black fur orange paws and glowing orange eyes they look neon. Cole has white fur with grey strips and black eyes. They both looked at each other and ran at full speed into the forest looking for what kind of animal they would be having for dinner tonight on a full moon. When they are at there strongest.
  6. Piyali POV: Drinking whenever I had a few days ago that was a huge mistake I don't think I ever should again. "Your up." Ethan said. He was looking right at me on our bed. Ethan had the most beautiful blue eyes and was so perfect in every way I still can comprehend the thought of him wanting to be with a girl like me. "Hey." Ethan said with a smile. "Hey." I said while locking eyes with him. I felt safe around him like nothing would ever happen. Something didn't feel right in my stomach so I jumped out of bed ran to the bathroom open the toilet seat and started throwing up so much. "What happen?" Ethan said while rubbing my back softly. "I don't know what's going? I felt fine until. Wait I think I have a way of finding out." I said. I got up ran to my jewelry chest and found my mother necklace. It was silver and had a raindrop as the jewel. "Ethan now hold it still on top of my hand please." I said. "Why what is there something wrong with you?" Ethan said sounding worried. "Just do..." I said. As I looked at the necklace it was moving left and right all by itself. "What does it mean Piyali?" Ethan said. "It means I'm pregnant." Piyali said.
  7. Your POV: I woke up to a luxuries room with high ceiling with angels on the ceiling. A silky bed with Chris by my side and we were both naked. What happened and how many more days do I have left? Damn it now I remember I only have 10 more days left. I got up out of bed very quietly and put the clothes I had on the ground and went into the hallway. What happen the past few days? It was coming back slowly we got here watched movies played poker went to some parties and we drank a lot of liquor 1 good thing about being a vampire was you didn't feel the side effects. I hate what I have to do now but for Chris, Ethan, Rio, Josiah, Trina, Trinana, Sitara and Piyali's sakes I must go and hide out at a camp site I have near my old house where I must die to save the human race. I looked in the lobby to see that there was cameras everywhere I went in the room Chris was still sleeping at lease. At high speed I ran out locked the door from behind and went to the camp site. I hoped Chris doesn't find me and won't find out how I died a tragic death.
  8. Chris POV: I woke up to see that I was naked in a bed alone with my clothes on the ground and Than not here. Where could she have gone did she just leave me here or go get something? I got up and put on the clothes that was on the ground calling out her name, "Than?" "Are yo still here?" I saw out of the corner of my eye a note that had her name on it. The note said, "Dear my beloved Chris, I am sorry I left without telling you last night was just amazing and I am sorry but, you will never see me again this will be the last time you ever hear about me. I know we couldn't spend much time together but don't even try finding me because no one has ever been able too. Please tell them others I am going to miss them dearly. Love always, Than. She was crying when she wrote this since blood spots are in a few areas. Than was gone now for good this can't be happening. It feels like someone has just pulled out my heart and stomped on it. As Chris drop the letter on the ground he started tearing up a bit in his eyes screaming as loud as any human possibly could falling to the ground crying over his lost and determend to find his one true love Than Grimm.
  9. Trinana's POV: I was in the living watching reruns of LA Ink when a sharp pain came to my forehead hurting me. Something was wrong but what was it. Then flashes started appearing and I could see myself talking to Than in my room. I moved in closer to hear what we where talking about since it sounded like I couldn't hear anything. "Than, Tatiana whoever you are why didn't you tell me that this curse was on you." I said in this vision if that is what you would call it. "Because I knew you would react like this." Than said. Then the next thing I see is Than making me forget I remember now her telling me that she would have to die to save man kind. This is so important I have to tell the other. "Piyali I need to tell you something?" I said when she walked in the room. "So do I but you go first." Piyali said looking different in some way weird. "Than is going to kill her self where ever she was turned." I said hoping to get a reaction. Just as I finished talking Piyali ran to the nearest bathroom throwing up. "Are you okay?" I said. "No I'm Preganent." Piyali said.
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