Midnight Love (Part 14)

Hey Midnight Love Fans sorry this toke so long well first of I had a 3 day retreat with no technology so I could only bring my cell and that was it :(

But then after I made so many great and awesome friends and my school finally gave me my iPad so now the story will be longer then it was before okay so you guys should like that.

Created by: Beautiful Games

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  1. When I woke up from my terrible dream there was something on my head. I pulled it of and it was a yellow post-it written from Chris saying, "Than I am sorry to have left in the middle of the night but, something came up and I had to go but I will be back around Midnight tonight to you okay. Love, Chris. "Damn this sucks well at lease I can train with Sitara today and nothing will distract us but maybe Tariq?" I thought in my head. What time was it? 7:59 a.m I better eat then see where Sitara is. I got out of bed changes into a black bra with a see threw black shirt and black shorts and went into the kitchen. I walked in to see Piyali withy black shades on eating mac and cheese still wearing what she had on last night with the bracelet Ethan gave her. "Good Morning Vietnam!" I shouted while coming into the kitchen. "Speak No More Please?" Piyali said quietly. "Fine." I whispered to her.
  2. I grapped a white bowl with a silver spoon it was so pretty. I had some lucky charms and watched a documentary called, The Moment of Death. (I actually did watch this it was very good and taught you a lot about death. I have a problem don't I?) Anyways after that Sitara came in alone still in her pajama. "Than your up finally." Sitara said happy. "Yeah I was wondering if you wanted to train now after you ate breakfast of course?" I said wishing she would say yes. "Of course I already eat so we can go into the training room now." Sitara said. "Okay let's go." I said. We went into Training Room #1 and it was huge. The room was all grey with hills and swords to the right with nothing else in the room. "So what can we do in this room?" I asked Sitara. "Whatever you want I will give you challenges that should help you in fighting anything that comes your way even though you can already handle your self you don't need that much training. "Okay hit me with your best shot." I said then turned into a vampire. I could hear fire coming from the left side of me and I jumped to the top of the ceiling looking down at Sitara with my hair in my face.
  3. "Good move lets try that again." Sitara said. Out of no were a little star comes right in front of me with a cute little smile it was so adorable. Then it turned all red grew and stared throwing fire in ever direction. I had a force field of water blocking the fire from coming to me. "Wow there is 1 power I didn't know I have." I said. Just then Sitara had a twister coming in my direction it was lifting me up and I could't breath. I teleported to Sitara and fell on top of her. "Good your getting better." She said while getting up and helping me. "Here try now moving the swords over there make them fall." She said. I was thinking about them on the ground everywhere. "Focus you can do it." Sitara said. I was yelling at them as if they could listen, MOVE!!!! The next second they all fell and made a mountain the next second. "Very good did you know you had that power?" Sitara asked. "Not at all actually you made it come out of me." I said shocked to see I had Telekinesis at all I loved that power so much when I was little I never thought I would actually have it in real life like most magicians.
  4. "Hey lady's, beautiful." Tariq said. Tariq pulled Sitara's waist so they where hip to hip. Sitara was wearing a grey t-shirt Tariq had on a yellow and they both had on blue jeans they where absolutely perfect for each other. "Tariq." Sitara said and kissed him twice on the lips while lingering on the last one. "Hey Tariq." I said while waving as if he was looking at me. "He finally separated himself from Sitara and looked at me with his hazel eyes saying, "Hey Than what's going on?" "Nothing much just traing with Sitara well was." I said while crossing my arms after I said this. "Sorry to stop you guys I am going to leave now." Tariq said sounding sorry. "It's fine I was going to leave anyways." I said while heading for the door.
  5. I was about an inch away from grasping the door knob when Sitara got my wrist and had a tight grip on it but I didn't care. "Than wait stay he can leave." Sitara sounded pissed that I was going to leave. "It's fine Sitara I am going to leave." I said while getting my hand out of her grip and ran to my room and locked the door right behind me as I sat down in the corner of my room crying very quiet so that no one would her me. I had to have been there for hours weeping in silence. My clothes must have been covered blood but at this point nothing mattered to me at all but just dying. Know that it was time any minute any second that it was going to happen it was just killing me inside. The way it was happening I just needed to sleep and get this over with. I am just going to be happy when I am dead and everyone on this planet is okay. Blacks out....
  6. Chris's POV: I had to handle something's with the FBI. They knew of the supernatural but only let curtain people they trust still be alive. Very few knew that the humans know about this but unlike them I help the FBI kill the evil ones if they can catch them or not die before its too late for there races to excise. Today we catched 3 wolves, 2 vampires and 1 Shape-Shifter that 1 was very difficult but we some how managed to get them strange in some way to me. I had gotten home around midnight like I promised Than but everyone should be asleep and I was right. I turned into a vampire and looked threw the door to see if Than was asleep and she was in the corner of her room I knocked on the door 3 times lightly but she didn't get up and I was getting worried. I walked in turned on the lights and saw blood all over her clothes. I was next to her in a flash and I kept shaking her but there was no answer at all was it possible she was dead? I was so glad to see that it was just tears but why was she crying and is she still a vampire? Does she know that vampires aren't allowed to sleep? This is very rare to see a vampire sleep. I guess I should change her clothes like she did with me. I first went to her bathroom grapped some toilet paper and wiped the blood off of her face. She looked so beautiful and peaceful in her sleep. I moved a strained of hair off her face behind her left ear and kissed her lips lightly.
  7. Hollers POV: Than Grimm oh is she is trouble with Willa now. We have to look for her but she doesn't even know it that sucks for her man. Bertina and I have been looking around Seattle for days and have come up with no progress at all. Bertina has been complaining the whole time about her wanted to have more alone time to herself and have nothing to do with Than. She is such a b---- and doesn't care about anyone but herself. "Holler stop daydreaming and let's starts looking what should we do now?" Bertina said nice so I could help her. "I guess it's time to go to Boston now we should be getting closer." I said. Than is dead to Willa but not to me I love her.
  8. Chris's POV: I had to strip off her clothes so I toke them off and put them in the washer and put her on the bed. I went in her closet and grapped a black long sleeve shirt that said Budget Ninja Costume and glowed in the dark it was a awesome shirt. And I just picked a pair of black pants and no shoes. I just slipped on her shirt with a necklaces of a crescent moon that was on her nightstand it looked nice. And I felt uncomfortable with the idea of putting a pair of pants on her. So I did it without looking at her body and everything went okay. She looked as if she had dressed herself I grapped her like bridal style and put her on the bed and covered her. I turned the lights off and was at the door when all of a sudden I feel on her bed. Than had pushed me and jumped on me she was happy to see me.
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