Midnight Love (Part 10)

Hey sorry if this felt like forever for Part 10 of Midnight Love to be realeased but at lease it's here finished and ready to be read by you Gotoquiz Users Enjoy please :-]

Hey there need a pal,friend,amigo oh my god Isaac its coming everyone run for your life Ahh just kidding maybe or maybe not this box needs to be full by now right?

Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. I jumped out of my bed and walked over to the door that led to the hallway and ran to Chris's door in a second. Everything looked exactly the same as it did in my dream it was so odd. *Knock,knock* The door opened and Chris was standing in front of me wearing a plain black shirt with dark denim jeans and his blue/grey eyes were just as beautiful as usual. "We need to talk." I say while walking into his room. "Okay about what?" Chris said. "What is this were doing?" I asked while pacing back and forth now.
  2. "What do you mean were just standing here talking?" Chris sounded confused. "I mean like do you know what kind of relationship we have going on?" I asked trying to see his face when I got closer to him. "I really don't know what to say Than?" Chris said. I walked to his bed and sat in the middle saying, "Chris do you have feelings for me I think its a easy question to ask? I said. "Well I know this." Chris said. He sat next to me in a flash when he lifted my chin up and our lips met it was so sweet.
  3. Before I knew it were on his bed and Chris is on top of me shirtless and then the unthinkable happened next. Chris moved all the way across the room saying, "Stop I can't hurt you Than not while your human." "Chris I know you wouldn't hurt me, you have more will power then that." I said. "Than that's not it, it's just..." Chris said. "What is it?" I asked. "I have been in love with you since the moment we first meet and I think it was faith that brought us together." Chris said. "Chris I don't know what to say I......"
  4. "Than we need to talk now?" Trinana said threw the door. "Can it wait a second?" I yelled. "No now please Than? Trinana said threw the wall. "Bye Chris will talk later." I said then hugged him. "I know I have feelings for you Chris just let me figure them out okay?" I said still hugging him. "It's fine I have been waiting for you a long time." Chris said. "You have when did you meet me?" I asked still linked to him. "It was the day I turned and I bumped into you at the market before it happened." Chris said. "I see that's how we like to met each other a lot." I said sarcastically.
  5. "I wish I remembered my human life before my memory was gone the next day except of my family and friends were still there." I said. "Than?!?" Trinana said. "Coming, bye Chris." I said then went into the hallways. Trinana had on a green long sleeve shirt with dark grey pants and a cut near her left eye. "Why do you have a cut near your eye Trinana?" I asked. "Rio and I were playing around in my bed then rolled off and I cut my eye with the edge of the bed." Trinana said while smiling. "You guys so love each other." I said
  6. "Shut up Than, come on lets go into my room." Trinana said. "Okay sounds good." I said while following her more into the house. I read a door that said Trainning Room 1 & 2 a bit later. Then a blue door was in front of us that said Stay Out! "I am going to go out on a lime here and say that this is your room?" I said sarcasticly. "Yes this is my room." Trinana opened the door and it looked beautiful. The walls where painted in the elements and had there symbols on each wall. "Did you put the decorations on the wall in the hallway we were just at?" I asked her. "Yeah I did why Than?" Trianana said. "It was just easy to tell by your decorations on the wall was all." I said. "Haha very funny Than." Trinana said.
  7. "So whats so important you need to tell me right now Trinana?" I said while sitting on Trinana's red covered s bed. "I just wanted to get you out of Chris's Room so we could talk about boys." Trinana said very happy. "Kill Me now oh wait it already happened." I thought to myself. "Oh not this again Trinana". I said while walking back and forth in her bed room. "Oh come on just answer this is there something between you and Chris?" Trinana asked. "Is there something going on with you and Rio? I added
  8. "Stupid question we already know that answer." I said. "I see your in love with Chris but just won't admit it to your self why Than?" Trinana asked. "I can't let myself love anyone because they shouldn't die with me when it's time." I said. "Time? Than what the hell are you talking about and what do you mean by time? Trinana said nervous. "You see I haven't told you or your sister everything about me since we met now that we are targets now I think we should take a trip down memory lane" I said. I had to tell her everything now it was just time to tell the truth.
  9. Cliffhanger?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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